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A huge pat on the back and round of applause for all of 3S and their fellow friends throughout school for their efforts during assessment week!


You have worked so hard and made us very proud! smiley

Assessment Week!


We are 2 days in to the assessments and are working really hard! There's some tricky maths and reading questions but we are determined to do our best and demonstrate ambition! smiley


One thing that will help your children is if they complete their homework, which is given weekly on a Monday or Tuesday. This provides opportunity for the children to reinforce their learning in school as well as show off what they now know! Please support your child with their homework - it really does make a difference!


Super Spellings and Regular Reading!


I have been adding lists of words to the Spelling City website (link in the online resources) including all the spellings from this year and a few extra lists of words that children commonly mis-spell. Please give your child opportunity to practise these words on the website. 


More children are reading regularly (3 times or more a week) at home which is brilliant and thank you for your support with this frown. Please continue to encourage your child to read. They should be doing this every night for 5 to 10 minutes. 


Happy Easter and have a fabulous break! 

News Flash!


This Wednesday 22nd March at 2:30pm, Year 3 will be performing at school showcasing what they have learnt so far about ukeleles. They will be strumming, singing and strutting along! Parents and carers are more than welcome to attend. Sorry for the short notice but due to visitors in school, it went out of our minds!

Wow, time is flying!


We are over half way through our time in year 3 and we have learnt so much, but we still have a lot to go! Our Big Maths is helping us a lot with our times tables, number facts, doubling of numbers, partitioning numbers to work out the place value and even reading decimal numbers!


Our writing is improving as we are now using adverbs more successfully and our sentence structure and punctuation is developing. Please encourage you child to be writing - it might be that they could keep a journal of things they have done that day or writing their own stories. Any writing is beneficial!


Please continue to listen to your child read and sign their record to say they have read - the Dojo reward points have been increased! 


It would also be great if you can encourage your child to use Study Ladder (see details below). Many children are now accessing this and are enjoying the activities on there and, of course, are learning lots too!


Thank you

Miss Sweet

Happy New Year!  

Well done to all those children who have accessed and had a go at some of the Study Ladder activities (see below). 

I would like to tell you that I have taken the opportunity to utilise a free educational website called Study Ladder. Please see the website section on our class page for the link or type in the website address.  This site provides children with the opportunity to practise and reinforce their learning in all areas of the curriculum. There are plenty of activities for the children to do and it would be fantastic if they could keep going using this website, especially in Maths and English - keep the young brain cells ticking over 'an all that! 



Witton Park Visit


On Wednesday 14th December, we visited Witton Park in the morning and the children were fantastic! They all had a brilliant time completing a bug hunt - we were surprised at how many different bugs we found! We they headed back up to school, after a few games of hide and seek, for a very tasty Christmas lunch. It was delicious!

Thank you on behalf of 3S to the kitchen staff for such a wonderful dinner. 


Today is our Base 3 Christmas party! We are looking forwards to a chance to let our hair down and play some party games as well as enjoy a buffet this afternoon.


Please continue to support your child with their reading and sign their book. The children can change this regularly.


Thank you for your support.