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Class teacher: Mrs Bassnett; SSA: Miss Bibby

Summer Term in 5B

Researching the wallpaper designs of Victorian artist William Morris.

Fun at the Christmas disco!

w/b: 7.12.2015

Congratulations to this week's spelling stars: Esther, Rylan, Darcy, Aaron, Hendy and Adam P.


This week we will be working really hard on following stage directions so that we can perform our play, Archie Dobson's War!

w/b 30.11.2015

This week's spelling stars: Cameron, Callum, Esther, Rylan, Aaron, Darcy, Shannon, Hendy, Molly, Jake and Adam P.


Congratulations to Hendy, Caitlin, Esther and Aaron who all moved on to a new level of Big Maths CLIC tests!


Lots and lots of children achieved lots and lots of Maths targets too - we're becoming expert mathematicians! smiley


Congratulations to Hendy and Caitlin for successfully completing their Bikeability training and receiving their certificates!



w/b: 23.11.2015

This week's spelling stars: Cameron, Esther, Rylan, Callum, Adam P, Adam R, Aaron, Darcy, Hendy, Molly, Jake and Cobi.


Congratulations to Callum who achieved pen status this week!


Base 5 worked really hard to raise money for our school at the Christmas Fair!

w/b: 16.11.2015

This week's spelling stars: Esther, Rylan, Adam R, Darcy, Shannon, Hendy, Aaron, Molly, Jake, Adam P and Cobi.


Congratulations to Adam R for moving on to Level 4 CLIC Tests and Darcy for moving on to Level 5 CLIC tests. Caitlin and Cameron are aiming to move on to Level 4 next week!


Targets: We're all working hard on our new Maths and English targets.

W/B: 9.11.2015

W/B: 2.11.2015

This week's spelling stars were: Esther, Rylan, Darcy, Bailey and Adam P.

Fingers crossed for more spelling stars next week!

Horrible Histories: Fawkes' Thirteen

A scene from the BBC's Horrible Histories season 2 episode 1 In honour of Guy Fawkes Day!

Eight Times Table Song (Cover of All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor)

Mr. DeMaio and friends cover All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor in this fun multiplication video that can be used to help you memorize your eight times table! Have fun learning the 8's while singing along to your favorite song! Music Composed by Mike DeMaio, Mike Vadas, and Aaron Santoro with additional vocals provided by Corey Markowitz.

Three Times Table Song (Cover of Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars)

Mr. DeMaio and friends cover Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars in this fun multiplication video that can be used to help you memorize your three times table! Have fun learning the 3's while singing along to your favorite song! Music Composed by Mike DeMaio, Aaron Santoro, Mike Vadas, Corey Markowitz, and Karyn Sochacki.

An introduction to WW1: We had a superb hands on experience thanks to Mr Irwin from Blackburn Museum!

w/b: 12.10.2015


This week's spelling stars:

Darcy, Jake, Adam P, Hendy and Esther.

The words seem to be getting harder yet we're only revising Year 4 words!

Mrs Bassnett's letter to parents

Making up Maths games to help us develop rapid recall of times tables facts!

W/b: 5.10.2015

This week we are celebrating...

Jake and Molly for achieving their English targets,

Adam C for achieving pen status, 

Rylan, Adam R, Hendy, Bailey, Aaron, Darcy, Jake, Adam P and Callum for being spelling stars, 

Caitlin and Shannon, for helping other children at swimming and achieving a jigsaw weekly celebration, 

and Neal for having his work displayed on the Wonderful Work display. 


On Thursday it was World Poetry and we all wrote poems, a special mention to Darcy for standing at the front of assembly and reciting her poem from heart. 

World Poetry Day - read Darcy's poem below!

Dear parents,

Please could you help your child improve their reading accuracy and comprehension skills by ensuring they bring their reading diary to school every day. Each comment from home earns a sticker for your child's reward card. The children are expected to achieve 5 stickers every week.

Thank you, Mrs B.

Look at our Christmas card designs!

W/b: 28.9.2015

Well done to the following children:

  • Darcy, Adam P, Aaron and Caitlin who achieved their maths target,
  • Henderson, Darcy, Adam R and Callum who achieved their writing target,
  • Ruby and Aaron who achieved pen status
  • Caitlin and Aaron whose Maths work was displayed on the Wonderful Work display in the main corridor for all to see
  • Darcy, Caitlin and Aaron who were chosen to represent the school in a Cross Country event at QUEGS.

W/b: 28.9.2015

As well as subtraction word problems, we are investigating angles.

Play Banana Hunt online to improve your angle estimating skills.

Sing along to Dave Godfrey's Angle Detective to name the different types of angle.

W/b 21.9.2015

Homework: Mrs Bassnett was on a course on Monday to learn about mastery in the new curriculum! This meant she couldn't teach the SPAG lesson on Monday linked to this week's homework and had to wait until Tuesday. So the children have until next Monday to complete their English and Maths homework.


Pen status: Congratulations to Molly, Bailey, Caitlin, Lacey and Coby who have achieved pen status this week. How many more neat handwriting stickers do you need to get?


Wonderful Work: It was the first Wonderful Work display in the entrance hall this week. Congratulations to Bailey for writing a superb resolution and ending to his fairy tale!


Spelling Stars: This week's spelling stars are: Jake, Adam P, Henderson, Rylan and Darcy.


Jigsaw: Each week, throughout school, we celebrate something new. This week we have been looking for people who make their way onto the Jigsaw poster in class. Last week we thanked Esther, Lacey and Jake for making Michaela feel so welcome at our school. This week we congratulated Cameron L and Bailey E for trying to make our community a better place! Next week we will be looking for children who think about everyone's right to learn!




The Oompa Loompa's Augustus Gloop song

Maths homework, due back in school Friday 25.9.2015

W/b: 14.9.2015

Pen status:

Congratulations to Hendy for being the first person to collect three neat handwriting stickers and earn handwriting pen status! Esther and Darcy also earned pen status this week. Who will be next?


Friday assembly:

Hendy's had a great week - he also went up in assembly to explain his mathematical reasoning and use of mathematical vocabulary. His task was: CONVINCE ME! Which is largest, 7 356 427 ÷ 1 000 or 9 725.42 x 100? After school, Mrs Chadwick told Mrs Bassnett that she was very impressed - well done Hendy!


This week's Spelling Stars:

Congratulations to Cobi, Mark, Ellis, Hendy, Ruby, Molly, Esther, Rylan, Aaron, Jake, Shannon, Adam P, Darcy, Bailey and Caitlin!



This week we were looking out for children who made others feel welcome. Congratulations to Jake, Esther and Lacey for making Michaela feel welcome in our school and looking out for her in class and on the playground.


Blackburn Youth Zone after school club:

Lots of children attended the first session on Tuesday. Activities on offer included scaling the climbing wall (shorts or trackies and preferably trainers or pumps needed for this), spray painting, using the gym, poolball, table tennis, football on the kick pitch, playing on x-boxes, hockey and basketball in the sports hall, dancing in the dance studio, composing music in the music studio, craft activities, snooker...... and even more! Great fun was had by all! 


We work hard to earn flags for our teams.

We work hard to earn flags for our teams.  1 Spain
We work hard to earn flags for our teams.  2 France
We work hard to earn flags for our teams.  3 Italy

Birthday celebrations!

w/b 7.9.2015



5B Spelling Stars!

Congratulations to the following children who got all of their spellings correct when tested on Friday:

Mark, Molly, Callum, Adam R, Jake, Adam P, Caitlin, Adam C, Bailey, Rylan, Aaron, Darcy, Henderson and Esther!





What a busy first week we had! European food tasting, French lessons, The Year 5 quiz, learning about the European Union, outdoor Maths games, working in our garden area, becoming spelling stars, working with numbers more than a million, volunteering to be a play leader, painting self portraits, reading myths and fairy tales..... to name just a few activities!


The 5B Reading Challenge!
 Are you up for it?


Earn stickers to put on your reward card in class by reading with somebody at home and collecting comments in your reading diary. Remember, understanding is just as important as being able to read accurately with fluency and expression. Don't just bark at print!


Earn the maximum 5 stickers each week.


Earn 25 stickers and receive a bronze bookmark.
Earn 60 stickers and receive a silver bookmark and a galaxy chocolate bar.

Earn 100 stickers to receive a gold bookmark and be able to choose any book, which isn't part of a set, from our class library to take home and keep forever!






Did you enjoy our fabulous food tasting journey around Europe?

How many new foods did you try and did you discover you liked something you'd never tasted before?


What do you think it would be like to take a bicycle tour around Amsterdam?

How is acid rain destroying a Polish forest?

What is it like to go to school in Poland or France?

What are The Northern Lights?

Click on the following link to find these answers and set out on an exciting journey around Europe!