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As part of our topic, 'Earthlings', this term in 5M we've been learning all about space! 

Throughout this term a strong emphasis has been placed on the presentation of children's work. As a class, 5M have created a class 'Book Expectations' charter which we have all signed. Children are encouraged to take pride in their work, with super work being placed in the class perfect pink box! Any work placed in the 'perfect pink box' will be rewarded with a class Dojo and a dip in the 5M prize box!

Science: We started our first Science lesson with a 'WOW', building our own space rockets! Since then, we've learnt all about our solar system including the stars and planets that create our solar system. We created our own space themed posters before learning more about our planet, Earth. We completed the term by creating an explanation text explaining how the Earth moves and how it affects night and day! 

English: We began the term looking at limericks (a short, funny poem). After exploring Edward Lear's book of nonsense we created our own limericks, of course linking it to our topic, space. We then moved on to exploring a range of non-fiction texts. We read a range of explanation texts, non-chronological reports and instructional texts whilst learning about their features. We used this knowledge to create our own non-fiction texts all about space! 

Maths: This term we've continued to work as hard as ever in our Maths lessons. We've covered some key mathematical skills such as multiplication, division, addition and subtraction before looking at measurement and more recently translation and reflection. 

Art: We began the term creating our own chalk solar system masterpieces, focusing the children's blending technique! We then researched the work of Jackson Pollock before creating our own Jackson Pollock inspired space paintings! 

What's next?
Our next topic will explore inventors and inventions!