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English Targets

Step 1

I can open sentences in a number of ways to show sequence. E.g. First, Then, Next, Soon, After that, Last, Once.

Step 2

I can open sentences using a wider range of connectives. E.g. Then, When, Because, If, As.

Step 3

I can experiment with sentence openers to link ideas and events. E.g. Last time, Also, After, Soon, Another thing.

Step 4

I can use a wider range of connectives and –ly words to open sentences. E.g. Although, After a while, Meanwhile, As, Slowly, Happily, Carefully.

Step 5

I can use adjectives and noun phrases to create interest in sentence openers.

E.g. Adjective openers – The golden sun shone, Jane’s favourite book, Barking dogs. Noun phrases – The little, old man who, The ramshackle, wooden shack.

Step 6

I can use more ambitious connectives, openers and adverbs to begin sentences. E.g. Despite, Contrary to, Maybe, Possibly, Thoughtfully, Delicately, Sensitively.

Step 7

I can use phrases in opposition to open sentences. E.g. Although I had thought that…I discovered…; Having decided to … I actually…; Despite Jane’s plan to … in reality she…

Step 8

Use contextual phrases of time, place or scenarios to introduce ideas and events. E.g. Due to the lack of… my first thought was to…; As the weather had become quite stormy, we decided to…; Before Sam left the… his mother asked him...

Maths Targets

Step 1

I know the basic length, mass, capacity and time facts.

Step 2

I know how many cm/m/g/ml/cl/  minutes or seconds there are in

½ ¼ ¾ of the full unit measure.

Step 3

I can read scales and clocks using the units of measure accurately.

Step 4

I can convert between the units of measure for length, mass, capacity and time.

Step 5

I can solve word problems involving length, mass, capacity and time.

This half term 5W will be learning all about the Victorians.


Big Idea for the Victorians

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