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JUNE 2015

MAY 2015

Base 6 enjoying a quiz to celebrate the end of SATS!

9 The Queen of Tarts

Ratio and Proportion

Maths Mansion Show 18 Learn Your Lines

Parallel and perpendicular lines - as requested by TL5s!


1: Not the Great Big Hen (multiplying integers by 10, 100).m4v

Uploaded by ScrivenTV on 2012-03-11.

MARCH 2015 

World Book Day:6B having a good time working with the children from 3C


Kenneth's recipe for happiness in 6B!

Blackburn Rovers 4 - Stoke 1

Blackburn Rovers 4 - Stoke 1 1

January 2015

Happy New Year 6B!

9.1.2015 HOMEWORK (Due back in school next Wednesday)

Maths: Choose targets, from the Target Top 20, to practise ready for a test next week.

Reading:Earn 5 reading stickers.

Writing: Research the life of William Shakespeare, make bullet points ready for next week's biography.

Year 6 Spring Term Big Picture

December 2014

Congratulations to the following children who have achieved pen status:

Joshua, Emma, Ryan, Ben M, Kyle, Kaie and Bailey!

November 2014

Relaxing Music - Winter Breath

Investigating circuits in science.

Half term homework:


Maths: CLIC test. Will you get a perfect score or your best ever score?

Writing: Free choice of writing. Choose either a story or a poem. Think carefully about FLAP.

I'm looking for five paragraphs (story) or five verses (poem).

Reading: Aim for 5 stickers.


Have a lovely holiday everybody,

Mrs Bassnett.


October 2014

We're all aiming for five reading stickers a week!


5 reading stickers achieved this week!

24.10.2014: Joshua, Bailey, Courtney, Kaie (2), Ben F, Maisy, Demi (2), Harley (2), Jamie (2) and Ben M.

17.10.2014: Demi, Jamie, Harley, Ben M, Abigail, Kaie and Ryan.

The story of Rama and Sita

The story behind Diwali

6B face evacuation!

6B face evacuation! 1
6B face evacuation! 2
6B face evacuation! 3
6B face evacuation! 4
6B face evacuation! 5
6B face evacuation! 6

September 2014

Class motto: 6B - be the best that we can be!


Congratulations on finding the new 6B web page! Hopefully you will enjoy using this page regularly, at home and in school, to find out the latest news, access websites we are using in class, see photos of what's been going on in class and to celebrate each other's achievements. 


Year 6 is a tough year. We have very high expectations regarding behaviour and attitude to learning. However it's also tremendous fun, with lots of opportunities to share each other's goals and achievements. This is your last year at Meadowhead Junior School so let's all pull together to be the best that we can be!



Things to remember:

  • Home readers need to be in school every day. We ask you to read and discuss your home reader with an adult at home for 10 minutes each day. Each parental signature entitles you to a sticker for your reading reward card. Remember our special treat each time everybody earns a sticker.....
  • P.E. days are Wednesday and Friday - don't forget your kit!
  • Maths homework and Writing homework are given out on a Friday and returned to school the following Wednesday. (If you need any help, ask on Monday or Tuesday. Don't leave it until the last minute!)
  • You are each a member of a team - France, Italy or Spain. Try hard to earn as many flags as you can for your team - you know what happens when the chart is full!


Story sticks - developing our oracy skills

So what does a Maths lesson look like?

L S Lowry ( Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs)

L S Lowry's work.