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Several years ago, the Government announced it was going to provide funding for school to develop P.E and Sport.  This is known as the Primary School Sport Premium. 


Every state-funded school in the country with primary-aged children receives a lump sum of £8000 with an additional sum of £5 per pupil.This funding is going to be continued until at least 2020, specifically for Physical Education (P.E.) and Sport.  Some great news that was recently announced by the government is that this funding will be doubled for 2017/18 and beyond.  This will certainly open up more fantastic opportunities for our children to help them become fitter, healthier and focused on sport.  We will publish our ideas once we know more about the increased funding. 


At Meadowhead, we are very proud of what we already do during lessons and the wide range of extra –curricular clubs we provide for our children.  We believe that P.E. and sport not only help with the physical development of children but also makes a significant contribution to their well-being and enjoyment of school.

By using the Sport's Premium to provide sustainable opportunities, we want to make our P.E. and Sport provision in and out of school hours even better in the future.