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Boy's B Team Football

We had recently held football training for the boys B team. We practised for the competition on Monday nights and Thursday nights. These children included: Leighton, Will Windle, Henderson Howard, Charlie Strong, Charlie Kennedy, Mason O'Brien, Thomas Shuttleworth, Jack Hoole and Leon Shackleton. We trained for an hour each night to get them ready for the Football festival which was held on Tuesday 21st February 2017 at St Bedes. The lads worked so hard to prepare for this event and the progression they showed was brilliant. They cheered each other on, encouraged each other and discussed tactics. On the night of the event the weather was awful, gale force winds and heavy rain greeted us. This wasn't a problem for our children and they just got on with what they needed to do. 15 teams turned up for the festival it was a well run event and all 9 of them thoroughly enjoyed themselves with a massive smile on their face.