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After successfully completing the level 1 & 2 Bikeability training, 4 of our children (2 boys and 2 girls), trained to compete in the cycling competition at St Bede's on Tuesday 7th March 2017.  The event comprised of three stages all timed with the total times added up to find an overall winner. Penalty points (each one worth 2 seconds), were added to obtain the final results)

Our team was:  Oscar, Phoebe, Alexander and Jessica.


First of all the children had to take part in a team trial, racing as a team to compete 3 laps of the 3G football pitch. They had to work hard as a team to stay together but complete the course in the quickest time.  It require a great deal of stamina and our children performed superbly.


Secondly, there was a individual team trial where each competitor had to race against the clock to complete a figure of 8 course.  There were some tricky bends to negotiate on the way but once again each team member showed real determination to succeed.


Finally, there was a obstacle course to complete individually.  This was designed to test the competitors' skills and agility in controlling their bicycles in and out of cones, under bars, along wooden boards and being able to perform and stationary balance!  It was certainly tough going but the team approach the event with the same positive attitude that they completed all events.  10 schools entered the competition and we gained a very respectable 6th place and should be really proud of our team because the times between schools was very close.  Please click below to see the final listings.  Well done everyone.




Cycling competition results 2017