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Wonderful Work   w/c  28/11/2016
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Wonderful Work w/c 4/7/16


Wonderful Work w/c 27/06/2016
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Wonderful Work Display W/C: 30/11/15

News Flash

A delivery of new and interesting books was received in the library today!

There is something for everyone!

From :  

A collection of Star Wars books

A  new set of Marvel Hero books

Anthony Horowitz funny stories


Non-fiction books such as:

Horrible Histories and Horribe Science

Gross Science

Extreme Sports

Computers and other technology

Murderous Maths

Real life Maths problems

and..... One Direction behind the scences!


French Club

Wallace and Gromit in French.


Some traditional French songs!


Another busy dinner time in the library-lots of jobs for the librarians!

Another busy dinner time in the  library-lots of jobs for  the librarians! 1
Another busy dinner time in the  library-lots of jobs for  the librarians! 2
Another busy dinner time in the  library-lots of jobs for  the librarians! 3
Another busy dinner time in the  library-lots of jobs for  the librarians! 4
Another busy dinner time in the  library-lots of jobs for  the librarians! 5
Another busy dinner time in the  library-lots of jobs for  the librarians! 6
Another busy dinner time in the  library-lots of jobs for  the librarians! 7

From next week, the school library will be open twice, outside of school hours, so that parents can visit the library, with their children. Miss Dent will open the library on Tuesday morning, from 8:30, for Year 6 parents and children. Mrs. Bates will open the library on Wednesday, after school from 3:20 until 3:50, for Year 3 and 4 parents and children. If you want to visit the library, you need to go to the office, where you will be directed to the library!

Science Week


Why not visit the library during Science Week?


There are lots of exciting books covering a range of Science topics, such as: Famous Inventors, the weather, electricity and the Human Body!


Bookmarks will be given to children, who find an interesting Science fact, and show it one of the librarians! We will post the facts on the school website so we can share them with the rest of school!

Exciting News

Keep your eye on the playground, at lunch time! There are some exciting Maths and Reading activities coming soon!

A busy Year 4 library session today!

Well done to class 3H, for winning the award for the class using the library the most, throughout this half term!The competition will start again next term!

Don't forget the competition that we are running in the library! Which class will have used the library the most this term? At the beginning of the term 6P and 4B were in the lead, but this week 3H stormed into the lead with most of the class attending! The winning class will get 5 minutes extra playtime and a certificate for their classroom!

                                   Library Timetable


Wednesday                    12:30  to 1:00


Thursday                        12:00  to 12:30


Friday                             12:30   to  1:00



If you can't find the book you are looking for in the library, you can ask one of the librarians to hep you!

                             Library News

There are lots of news books in the library including:

Very popular Minecraft books!

Lots of fiction and non-fiction football themed books!

An interesting selection of comics and magazines!

and a brand new selection of Marvel Heroes books!

Come and check them out!

Journey Home!

Journey Home! 1
Journey Home! 2
Journey Home! 3

Cannock Chase

Cannock Chase 1
Cannock Chase 2
Cannock Chase 3
Cannock Chase 4
Cannock Chase 5
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Camp Fire

Camp Fire 1
Camp Fire 2
Camp Fire 3
Camp Fire 4

Cleaning Up Time!

Cleaning Up Time! 1
Cleaning Up Time! 2
Cleaning Up Time! 3
Cleaning Up Time! 4
Cleaning Up Time! 5

What a challenge!

What a challenge! 1
What a challenge! 2
What a challenge! 3
What a challenge! 4
What a challenge! 5
What a challenge! 6
What a challenge! 7
What a challenge! 8

Fun times!

Fun times! 1
Fun times! 2
Fun times! 3
Fun times! 4
Fun times! 5

Hello parents & families,

I've  had a wonderful day visiting everyone at Laches Wood. The children are all absolutely fine. I have taken part in a search and rescue fun challenge  and after that I learned the skill of archery. The children were far better than me!! Some groups were BMX cycling through the woods. (Well done Katie Dickinson, you were a star!). I've seen children learning bushcraft skills, toasting marshmallows and cooking delicious bread on a campfire.

The accommodation is extremely comfortable and I see your children are well trained: everything is spick and span!!

I will put photos on as soon as possible!


Mrs Chadwick x

It looks like the children are having great fun! They also are lucky with the weather!

Don't think I'd be brave to go up so high!!


I'm visiting tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Mrs Chadwick x


Wednesday 29th April

The weather has been glorious again throughout the day and in to the evening unlike back home!!!


Another busy day that started with a good breakfast and room inspection (much needed!). 


Activities with groups I, J & K included search and rescue in the morning.  Mrs Chadwick was a surprise visitor and helped to rescue the pilots from an aeroplane wreckage.


Groups  L, M & N started the morning off with bushcraft where they worked together to build shelters to protect them from the elements.  They also cooked  some bread dough and marsh mellows over an open fire.  They were scrumptious.


This afternoon different groups took part in archery, BMX biking and indoor caving.


As we write, the children are searching for treasure.  To help the children sleep we will be finishing off with a nice cup of hot chocolate and biscuit before going to bed ready for another early start tomorrow - we are off to Cannock Chase, deer hunting and a habitat expedition.


See you tomorrow for another update.

A good night's sleep last night.  Fast asleep by 9pm (as if!!!).  Another fantastic day.  Really sunny but quite cold.  Children really challenged today on the high ropes and the climbing wall.  A camp fire tonight.  Another early night ready for another fun packed day.  We're looking forward to Mrs Chadwick's arrival tomorrow.

Tuesday Challenge!

Tuesday Challenge! 1
Tuesday Challenge! 2
Tuesday Challenge! 3
Tuesday Challenge! 4
Tuesday Challenge! 5
Tuesday Challenge! 6

Laches Wood - Monday 27th April 2015


Arrived safely at 11.45am.  Children settled in to dormatories, unpacked, had a safety talk and given their agenda for the week.  Lunch consisted of a full english style breakfast which was a very welcome sight!!


Children have completed their first activity - Groups I, J & K had a great time on the high ropes and challenged themselves.  Groups L, M & N suddenly became Robin Hoods when displaying their super archery skills.


We have just finshed our evening meal and will be searching for clues on the Photo Trail this evening.


Watch this space for further information tomorrow evening.


Photos will be added as soon as possible.



Blackburn Rovers Visit Meadowhead

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Pictures from Blackburn Rovers

Tree Planting - A big thank you to everyone who helped to make our tree planting afternoon a huge success. The children will soon be able to enjoy their own school forest!

Family Quiz Friday February 27th 2015

Family Quiz Friday February 27th 2015 1 Winners- Team Bobbi
Family Quiz Friday February 27th 2015 2 Runners Up- Spectacular Smiths
Family Quiz Friday February 27th 2015 3 Third- The Jeal Machine
Family Quiz Friday February 27th 2015 4 Fourth- The Robinsons
Welcome to the gallery!  Please feel free to browse the children's work.

5DH performing at King George's Hall as Victorian Ladies and Gentle (They were fantastic)

Children from 5DH using the probots

Children from 5DH using the probots 1