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Homework sent out Tuesday 11th July - due in Friday 14th July. Please note this is the final piece of homework!

English: Write about the picture. An opportunity to practice those writing targets!

Maths: A range of different maths problems - quite a tricky one to finish on!


Can I say a huge thank you to all parents who have encouraged their children to complete weekly homework tasks. It does make a difference. nosmiley

Homework: Sent out Monday 26th June - due in Friday 30th June.

English: Write about the picture - a chance for your child to practise their individual writing target.

Maths: Telling the time. Please keep practising this with your child. Thanks.

Homework: sent out Monday 19th June due in Friday 23rd June

English - practise spellings and learn the meanings of words.

Maths - fraction work OR time work.

Homework sent out Tuesday 13th June - due in Friday 16th June.

English: Work on the prefixes re, pre, un, in and dis.

Maths: Mental maths problems.