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Summer term 1 spellings

Please carry on reading each night for at least 5 minutes, answer questions about your reading book to help you understand what the text was about.


We are doing so well learning our 4x and 8x tables please carry on at home try and test yourself how fast can you recall the table facts?

Spring term 2 spellings

New Spellings for Spring Term 1

Homework will continue to be set on a Monday and will need to be returned on a Friday, well done to everyone who completed their homework over the break I would like everybody to have a really good try at it. Well done to Carmelle and Eva who take great care with their homework and complete it every week smiley.



How long was Hadrian's wall?


Where did it start and end?

Research question part 4


Can you find out what the heating systems were like in Roman times?


Research question part 3


Which Roman Emperor built the famous wall that runs along the North of England?


That's right 3C...

In A.D. 122 the Emperor Hadrian ordered his soldiers to build a wall between Roman Britain and Scotland. The wall ran from Wallsend in the east to Bowness on the Solway Firth. You can still walk along parts of Hadrian's Wall today. In A.D. 140, the Romans added another wall further north. It's called the Antonine Wall.


That's right 3C...



Have you ever wondered why the Romans decided to come to Britain?


Well done to those children in topic lessons who explained that the Romans came to make Britain part of their empire because of the gold, iron, tin and cattle. They wanted to make themselves even richer.


Can you find where in the world Rome is?


Well done everybody that came to me to answer our question for week 1 of our topic the answer is.........


Rome is the capital of Italy and of the Lazio region.


Spellings for Autumn 1 term