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Homework and Spellings

Homework due in on Friday 24th February 2017

This week children have been given a word search to complete for English. This also links to our Topic and therefore will help them learn some of the vocabulary that they will come across in the future.

For maths this week, we have given the children 3 questions to solve which are to do with their calculations. If children need any help or you yourself would like the methods explaining to you then please don't hesitate to ask.

Homework due in on Friday 27th January 2017

This weeks homework is again focusing on our English targets for this term. Proof reading and editing. Children have got to re write the passage correcting all the errors made, such as; punctuation and spellings.

Maths homework is again looking at our targets - Children will be writing the equivalent decimal, percentage and fraction for numbers. For example: 1/4 = 25%= 0.25. Writing these on a number line. If children need help they can see me at any lunchtime and I will go through this with them.

Homework due in Friday 20th January 2017

Children have been given homework this week. 1 piece of English, which is all about editing and improving, also checking for spellings and punctuation errors. 1 piece of Maths was also given out to practice the 4 calculations. Any problems based around this please make sure children see me ASAP. Also practicing spellings and their timetables would be fantastic this is just an on - going activity that children should be learning anyway. 

Monday 28th November 2016


This weeks homework will simply be to learn this weeks spellings. To make sure you understand these spellings I would like each word to be put into sentences. This could prove tricky as these words are homophones. Which are words the sound the same but have a different spelling. Can you complete the challenge.


Maths homework will be to learn your times tables just as usual and also to be able to recall these facts as quick as saying your name. This week in maths we will be learning about Time. Talking to your parents or carers about what time it is would also be a fantastic way of getting ahead of everyone this week and becoming a time genius.

Due in Thursday 2nd December 2016

Spellings are given out every Monday and we have a spelling test every Friday.

Below is a link to week 2's spellings. Children should have copied these into their reading records to also learn at home.

Autumn Term 1 spellings