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Homework and Spellings

Friday 28.4.2017

Reading: read with a parent five times before next Friday.

Spellings: practise for ten minutes every night (or longer if needed)

so that you will be a spelling star in next Friday's test!

Mental maths: x and division facts for any times tables you don't yet know - you should know them all by now though!

Writing: Write the opening to your story and bring it in to share next Friday. Aim for 100 words, without any spelling or punctuation errors.

Maths: Adding and subtracting decimals, remember you need to line up the decimal point. Make sure I can see your written methods.

Given out Monday 10.10.2016

Due back in school Thursday 13.10.2016

I am learning to summarise information from more than one paragraph

Learning Musical Instruments (Last week's guided reading text and learning objective.)

I am learning written methods

1) What's the total of 17.67 and 24.9?

2) Find the difference between 3 529.65 and 23 407.31.

3) Find the product of 254 and 32.

4) What's 656 divided by 4?

Friday's spelling test will be on Week 4 spellings

Autumn 1 spellings: these are tested each Friday so try to spend 10 minutes each night practising them!

Maths and English homework is given out on a Monday. Please return both to school by Thursday to earn a flag for your team! If you need help, just ask - don't leave it until Thursday! sad