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Week beginning 16th April


Another busy week for Class 6B as we continue in our work preparing ourselves for the SATs assessments which are just around the corner! As always, can we remind parents and carers that the best way to support your child is by making sure they get lots of sleep, are on time for school every day and are speaking to us if they have any worries about the assessments themselves.


In Base 6, Mrs Slater, Ms Blackledge, Mrs Parkinson and myself have decided that the children have been working so hard lately that they deserve a reward and a bit of down time. We have therefore persuaded Mrs Chadwick to let us have a pizza party next week so that we can let our hair down a bit - Year 6 isn't just about SATs after all! Watch this space for photos and news about the party next week!


Please also encourage your child to look at the 'Online Resources' of our page - I have put lots of games, songs and tutorials for children to practise their skills with - good luck!


Mrs Sudworth smiley



Privilege points have replaced the teams that we used to work in. Instead of earning flags for our team, we now earn privilege points for ourselves. The winner is announced each Friday afternoon and a treat is chosen!


Libby, Rebecca, Charlie, Denton, Emmie, Tom and Matthew.

Week 5:

We've so much news this week - please ensure you scroll down!

School trip next Wednesday to Bring Yer Wellies!



We're all making a huge effort to improve our handwriting so that it is consistent in size and fluently joined. These children are now using pen in class: Rebecca, Amber, Gerry, Will, Jen, Alicia, Libby, Ethan and Nicole.


Parental permissions for children in 6B:

There are still some children who have not returned the lilac paperwork which was due back in school last week. These children will not be able to use online resources in school until the office say that they have received permission. Please return this week if you haven't already done so.



All the children who have parental permission to use online resources in school have now been given a login for this fab website. We are using the free version which allows limited access at home. There is no need to buy the full version.


This week's reading stars: Kelly, Denton, Rebecca, Tom, Amber and Eric. 

Remember folks, everybody is expected to read five times a week with an adult at home. We want far more reading stars next week!


Friday afternoon BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to Eric and Rebecca who are the first children to be awarded Bronze Reader status having collected their first 25 stickers. This is a superb achievement, well done!



Week 4:

Assessment Week: This week we are working hard on proving what we can already do and identifying what we need to practise or learn. Attitudes have been brilliant - I'm really proud of everybody who gave it their all!


Homework: We're really getting into the swing of this homework idea - well some of us are! Snazzy stickers are being added to the wall chart in class and these children are homework stars. However some children are only getting an S because they're only returning some of their homework - there's no reason for this as help is always available up until the day it is due back! So don't leave your homework until the last minute - use your time wisely. A couple of children are getting X because they haven't returned any homework.... that makes me sad because homework is all about effort and wanting to learn. So come on folks, let's see how many stickers Hazel can put on the chart next Tuesday. If everybody gets a sticker, we'll break open the Celebrations! Remember, click on the Homework section at any time to see how you're doing and show off to your parents!


Reading stars: How many times have you been a reading star so far? You need to collect five comments from home each week. You are all expected to be reading stars every week! Remember to bring your home-reader for Miss Makda to check and award stickers on the following days:

MONDAY: Amber, Jess, Ellie, Sam, Marc and Charlie.

TUESDAY:Denton, Hazel, Thomas-Joe and Jack.

WEDNESDAY: Eric, Demi-Leigh, Lincoln, Tom, Andina and Matthew.

THURSDAY: Ethan, Gerry, Libby, Kelly, Alicia and Will.

FRIDAY: Aaron, Mason, Emmie, Jen, Nicole and Rebecca.

From next week I'm hoping to celebrate Reading Stars on our webpage - will your name be on the list?


Walk, Jog, Run: Our daily 15 minutes of exercise is going really well. Even when we've been 'rained off' we've managed to fit in a GoNoodle session. The Red Carpet seems to be a class favourite! It was great to hear a parent say what a great idea she thinks it is, we're certainly enjoying ourselves and hopefully getting fitter!smiley



Week 3:

This week homework club started. Remember, homework club takes place in 6BP every Tuesday straight after school. It's great because there will always be a Year 6 teacher on hand to help you with anything plus the chance to work collaboratively with lots of your friends! Two heads are always better than one! When I walked through, the room was packed.

Our table this week has been the 8x table. We're getting better at reciting the table quickly and accurately by heart but lots of children are still saying they find jumbled tables difficult. Remember folks, practice makes perfect! 

Week 2

Dear 6B,

Welcome to the first news update for 6B. We're into the 2nd week of term already - can you believe it?

It was great to meet so many of your parents tonight at the Year 6 Parents Evening. I hope it was useful to see last year's SATs papers and hear how proud we all are of last year's Year 6 and their SATs results - no pressure! smiley


We're already working so hard.....

Handwriting: Congratulations to Will and Libby who have already earned pen status! Having neat, fluently joined handwriting is really important in Year 6. We want all our books, and our writing  portfolios to be the best that they can be. That's why everyone's aiming to earn three neat handwriting stickers so that they can get  pen status. Remember: all letters need to be accurate and consistent in size - there's no room for mixing up capitals and small case letters or wonky ascenders and descenders! Your handwriting needs to look like a fancy font.....


Home reading: I hope everyone is enjoying the book they've chosen. Remember to read with an adult at least five times a week. Each comment from home will earn you a sticker for your reward card so make sure you have your home reader and diary in school on the day you read with Miss Makda so that you can do your home reader task and she can award your stickers! Also, please bring your diary on the day you read with me in case I want to write a message in for home to let parents know what we're working on in guided reading.


Homework: As you all know, homework packs are given out on a Tuesday. Remember to make sure your completed pack is back in the homework tray each Tuesday.


Rapid recall and fluency: We're working really hard in our daily Big Maths sessions. Something we really need to focus on is jumbled tables. This week's focus is the 3x and 4x tables. 


P.E. : Please make sure you keep your kit in school until half term so that we can take part in the 15 minute Walk - Jog - Run every day! 


Teams: I hope you're enjoying earning flags; we've already had one winning team who enjoyed their 15 minute free time. Who will be next?


Attendance: At the time of writing this (Tuesday evening) we've got 100% and we're hoping to get the maximum five points in Friday's assembly. Fingers crossed........


It's my intention to update our class web page every week. Soon there will be targets, spellings, details of homework and links to fab websites too. If you think of anything you want to add just let me know - it's your class web page!


Mrs Bassnett 😀