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Well I can't believe I am writing this as the year seems to have whizzed by so quickly! We are in our penultimate week together. The summer holidays begin next Thursday at 1:30pm. We have worked together all year and managed to cover so much. One of my favourite memories of this year is our class assembly, the children worked so hard on learning a story and performing it with no lines to the whole school, performance seems to be the strong point ! Our performance poetry blew Mrs Chadwick's socks off and the progress in writing has been phenomenal (vocabulary being used impressed the Year 6 children) I am so very proud of all the children in 3C and hope they continue to reach beyond the stars as they have shown true ambition and determination this year. smiley

What a busy DT week it has been, we have been designing and making our plant pot containers and they are now completed and are ready for evaluation to see if they are fit for purpose. The children have worked enthusiastically and safely measuring, marking and cutting wood using saws, working together to create their structures and helping one another ensure their design has gone to plan I am really proud of them. Well done 3C!



Photos to follow next week of the containers displayed...... 

Well I cannot believe I am saying this but we are in our final half term already! Can we call it Summer term 2 yet? Not looking at the weather. I think this year has whizzed by so quickly!


We have now started our final topic ' How does your garden grow?' the children will be looking at different purposes for materials in our design technology topic, we will be working hard in English and Maths to achieve those end of year expectations we have not yet grasped and looking at pollination in plants through Science. Another action packed half term!


Please can you try and encourage your child to complete their 20 minutes of homework each evening it is really starting to show who is reading regularly and practising times tables facts. I encourage the children in class to break their homework down to 5 minutes reading, 5 minutes times tables, 5 minutes spelling practise and 5 minutes completing their homework sheet it really does help with their learning in class.


Thank you Mrs Carins and Miss Avery  

Well what can I say 3C a super attitude to learning from all of you this week you are really enjoying our assessment week. These are your words "Mrs Carins I love showing off how I have become so much better in maths" and another quote " I love impressing you with what I now know in Year 3!"   All I can say 3C is that I am so proud of you all this week and I hope you keep it up both me and Miss Avery have not smiled as much in ages smileyno


Now for another note reading books are slowly improving and I am able to give out the 5 dojos, however homework does not seem to be coming in completed. Please, please, please make sure each night you dedicate 20 minutes to your homework I have suggested a 5 minute breakdown.

E.g 5 minutes reading book

5 minutes homework

5 minutes spellings and

5 minutes X tables (2,3,4,5,8 and 10)

Welcome back everybody after the Easter holidays! I hope it was a fun and chocolate filled holiday and the children are now back and ready for our last term together in Year 3. It will only be a short week for the children next week as we have bank holiday on Monday and polling day on Thursday. I would like to mention how proud I am of those children who have been doing some extra work over the holidays it has definitely shown in class!

We will hopefully be able to do more of our P.E. athletics topic outside this term so please make sure your child has a full indoor (t-shirt, shorts and pumps) and outdoor (tracksuit top, bottoms and trainers) P.E. kit in school.

The new Summer 1 targets and spellings have now been updated so please have a look and please sign your child's diary when they have been reading to you so I can issue the 5 bonus dojo points.


Any questions please feel free to pop in and speak to me

Thank you Mrs Carins


WOW 3C I am so  proud of you all this week we have been working very hard in Big Maths learning our 8X tables with a little help from Dave Godfrey and Mrs Carins with her number stick! We have now started taking some of the post its off with the numbers on and have started singing the table test! Please keep it up and challenge yourself at home.


The vocabulary in our stories this week has been superb a few examlpes - Grettle prowling quickly through the marshland; She shattered the enormous, wooden gate and crawled quickly up the castle wall! I can't wait for them to be finished and we can share them with 4S smiley

3C Parents Evening is now taking place on Wednesday 5th April, if you have not already made an appointment please do so with Mrs Carins!

Thank you

Our Ukelele performance will take place in the school hall on

Wednesday 22nd March at 2:30pm.

Please come and watch if your free!

Well, well, well what a whizz of a week was last week? 

Our science week unfortunately has had to be postponed as we had special visitors in school!

All of 3C worked so hard and I am extremely proud of all of you smiley let's keep it up!

As a class we are highlighting quite a lot of the end of Year 3 Maths and English targets but we need to keep on learning the Year 3 spelling words and reading home readers each night for at least 5 minutes.

Please bring in any allergy slips as we will not be able to do any cooking until I have a reply from each child.

Thank you Mrs Carins



A big warm welcome back to school 3C!


We are over half way through Year 3 already, time is flying by and we are learning so much but there is still so much to learn and investigate.


We have now started our new topic Anglo Saxons and Vikings the children have been lucky enough to have a Viking experience day. A visitor came into school last Friday and showed the children a typical day in the life of a Viking. They enjoyed a variety of activities and even had their own little fashion parade in a Viking robe!



A little note on reading and homework


Please, please ensure your child reads at home each night and their diary is signed and homework is completed by Friday.


A note from Mrs Carins  Parents evening for 3C will be rearranged and details will follow.

Thank you

A note for all parents of 3C!


Our class assembly is no longer on Friday 3rd February it has been moved to Friday 10th February 2017 at 9am.


Well done to all those children who have started reading regularly and completing homework,  I am very proud of you. Please, please, please start reading each night for 5 minutes and getting your reading record signed if you are still not reading at home it is so important that you do to help you in class.


Also could parents please ask questions while your child is reading to see if they have understood the text there are some super examples in the reading record book your child has been given.


Big Maths!! 3C are really enjoying big maths and quick number fact work we are up and down and jumping to times tables facts it is so much fun!  To help your child in Maths please could you practise the 2,3,4,5,8 and 10 X tables children need to know the multiplication and division facts for these by the end of Year 3, this is also one of our Maths targets for this half term!


Thank you

Any questions please pop in and speak to Mrs Carins or Miss Avery.


A big well done 3C

Last week nearly everybody changed their reading book and completed their homework! Our best record yet smiley


We have been working really hard in English (performance poetry our speaking and listening target) the whole school were impressed! Also in our Maths we have been fraction whizzes, we have been looking at unit and non unit fractions (one of our maths targets) please ask your child to show you how we have worked out 3/5 of 25.



Another reminder!!!!!!


Please, please, please can you ensure your child reads their reading book each night for 5  minutes and their diary is signed.


There are lots of rewards for children who read in class and we want everybody to access these!


Thank you

Mrs Carins and Miss Avery

Well we are in the second week of this half term and we have started our topics and have been learning lots of new things.


We have found the Isle of Coll in an atlas and used grid references so I know I am safe with 3C when we go out and about I hopefully will not get lost!


We have started our science topic "Dem bones , dem bones ...them" Skeletons and Movement by creating a new member of the class named Fred. The children are all enjoying the topics and working hard.


All the children have also been learning their targets and working on explaining how achieving these targets will improve their English and Maths.


Finally a huge congratulations to all of Year 3 for their superb whole school performance of The School's Kid Rap by John Foster. It was brilliant and you all used the success criteria to make sure you were heard frown

HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to 2017!


Welcome back 3C I hope you all had a wonderful break and are now ready for lots more new learning this half term!


We are starting our new topic Katie Morag and the Isle of Coll, we were lucky enough to start our topic with a bagpipe player called Mr Wilson on Friday 5th January. He played some tunes, told us some information about his tartan (clan) and had us marching around the hall! What a way to start.


 Please make sure your child reads at  home each night and completes homework. Practicing times tables  will really help them in class too as we have  started Big Maths and children need quick recall maths facts - ask them all about it they are really enjoying it along with Miss Avery and Mrs Carins enthusiasm  surprise 

WOW! Didn't we do so well Year 3 at the Christmas fayre.

Our chocolate tombola went down a very yummy treat!! Not a single chocolate item left. The Year 3 teachers were slightly disappointed there was nothing left because we could't have a break or a kit-kat at the next staff meeting! Well done we raised a lot of money in such a short amount of time. Thank you to all that helped and donated items.

Maths news!


We are moving on with the division method we have been using.

We are now using repeated subtraction to help us solve division problems.

Please practise at home as much as possible as it will help when we are completing 4 a day and problem solving.

We are looking forward to our singing performance on Wednesday 23rd November!  We have become much more confident with singing and learned technical vocabulary like, tempo , pitch and dynamics. We hope parents can come and watch our performance and spot any new potential Britain's Got Talent contenders  smiley

Reading books and Homework


Please can you make sure that your child is reading their book for 5  minutes each evening and the reading diary is being signed each time. When the diary is signed your child's rocket is moved through the space and heads towards a space station when they reach the space station a prize is given!


Homework is set each Monday and is due back to school on Friday.



Our story mountain. We went outside to show each section of a story and thought about the vocabulary that could be used.

Our story mountain. We went outside to show each section of a story and thought about the vocabulary that could be used. 1

Fossils! Mr Irwin came to school and showed us his fossil collection we even saw a real part of a dinosaur!

Fossils! Mr Irwin came to school and showed us his fossil collection we even saw a real part of a dinosaur! 1
Fossils! Mr Irwin came to school and showed us his fossil collection we even saw a real part of a dinosaur! 2

Learning outside the classroom

Learning outside the classroom 1 Ordering numbers. Can you spot the problem?