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This year's orienteering competition will take place at Feniscowles on Wednesday 23rd March 2016.  Our time slot is 2.30pm - 3.30pm.   What out for further details about the teams.


Ten children from Year 5 represented the school at last year's inter-school orienteering competition held at Witton Park.  The competition took place over several days and at various times. Meadowhead competed against three other schools at 2pm on Wednesday 23rd April with other school competing at 3pm and 4pm.  Although we didn't have the fastest pair, we were the fastest school on the day which is an absolutely fantastic achievement.  Well done everyone.


Our children competed to the best of their ability as always and thoroughly enjoyed themselves as you can see from the photographs.


  Team Standings       Pairs Standings
Names  School Time      Names  School Time 
Kieran & Lydia Meadowhead 24.31     Xander & Chloe Lower Darwen 17.48
Aloysia & Dylan Meadowhead 27.5     Chloe & Brandon St James' LD 18.12
Daniel & Maisy Meadowhead 20.51     Joseph & Natasha Shadsworth 19.06
Jamie & Ellie Meadowhead 24.35     James & Jennifer Lower Darwen 19.3
Lewis & Demi Meadowhead 19.36     Lewis & Demi Meadowhead 19.36


The fastast pair from each school are included in the Pair Standings.

Picture 1 The Meadowhead Orienteering Team
Picture 2 Now where is that control point?
Picture 3 Our team working hard.
Picture 4 Where do we go next?
Picture 5 Time for a quick pose for the camera!
Picture 6 Another rest!!!
Picture 7 The boys decided enoughs enough!
Picture 8 Time for a hard earned rest!
Picture 9 How did we do Ms Mason?