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Residential Visits (Reviewed 30/11/18)

At Meadowhead we believe firmly that residential holidays are an essential piece of the primary curriculum jigsaw.  Look at the page below to see why we think residential visits are important.


We have several residential holidays planned and are planning others so that over the next few years, each year group will have the opportunity to take part each year.  Please take a look at the overview below to see the type of residential, which year group and the objectives behind our planning.



The benefits of residential holidays

The benefits of residential holidays 1

Proposed residential visits

Objectives of proposed residential visits

Year 4 Residential Visit to Coniston Waters


Initial preparations are being made to take 27 Year 4 children to Coniston Waters in the lake District.


If sufficient number of children are interested, the visit will take place on Wednesday 12th June until Friday 14th June (3 days, 2 nights).


There are still a few places available and the details are in the parents letter below.


Please find the initial letter for parents below.

Coniston Waters Year 4 Residential


France 2019 - Confirmed  

The  aim of this residential is to give children the opportunity to experience the culture of another country first hand.  We also want to support and enhance the learning of French that happens in school.


1st April to 5 April (inclusive)


32 children have signed up to take part in the above cultural residential visit.


If you haven't already signed up, there are still a few places left.  Contact Mrs Chadwick if you have any general questions about the residential or about payments.


There will be a meeting for parents/carers to give an update and provide consent forms on Thursday 6th December at 3.30pm in 4C.


Download letters and other information here.

Year 3 'Sleep Over'


Friday 6th July 2018


The aim of this residential was to develop independence and self-confidence.  The sleep over was a huge success where children became more confident and wanted to independent.  They could stop talking about it before and afterwards.  They will certainly not hesitate to stay away from home in the future.

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Waddow Hall (Year 5/6)   


Monday 25th June to Friday 29th June 2018 (inclusive)


The aim of this residential was to challenge children to try things outside their comfort zone and to manage their own risk taking.


42 children, a mix of Year 5 and Year 6, took part in a camping residential based at the picturesque Waddow Hall Girl Guide camp just outside Whalley.  Sporting NRG were the lead instructors, whilst some activities were led by instructors from Waddow 


It was really rewarding to see children move outside their comfort zone and challenge themselves.  Camping was a completely new venture for most of the children (and for some of the staff!).  The residential was a huge success.  We achieved all the objectives of the residential and would certainly recommend other schools trying it out with the support of Sporting NRG.


Look at the photographs below and see for yourselves the sheer enjoyment on the bfaces of some of the children who took part.

Setting up the campsite

Problem Solving

Problem Solving 1
Problem Solving 2
Problem Solving 3
Problem Solving 4
Problem Solving 5
Problem Solving 6
Problem Solving 7
Problem Solving 8
Problem Solving 9
Problem Solving 10
Problem Solving 11
Problem Solving 12
Problem Solving 13
Problem Solving 14
Problem Solving 15
Problem Solving 16


Fencing 1
Fencing 2
Fencing 3
Fencing 4
Fencing 5
Fencing 6
Fencing 7

Laches Wood 2017

Another very successful residential took place on:

Monday 10th July to Friday 14th July inclusive.


Thank you to all the Year 5 & children who came on the residential.  We would like to thank each and every one of you for your positive attitude, super behaviour and for trying all the activities, some of which you found extremely challenging.  Well done to all of you.  It was a pleasure to to take such a great bunch of children on this residential.