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School Allotment

Late March

Late March 1 Rhubarb Crumble on its way.
Late March 2 Raspberry leaves beginning to show
Late March 3 Hyacinths in bloom
Late March 4 More hyacinths flowering
Late March 5 The broad beans we planted are really growing fast
Late March 6 More broad beans
Late March 7 Our greenhouse had been covered in UV plastic.
Late March 8 We'll soon be able to grow tomatoes

Early March

Unfortunately, the weather has been so bad in the last two weeks, we haven't been able to go to the allotment.  Instead we've begun to 'chit' our potatoes.



Chitting potatoes

Chitting potatoes 1 We use egg trays to hold the seed potatoes
Chitting potatoes 2 Gently placing the different potatoes on egg tray
Chitting potatoes 3 Gently does it
Chitting potatoes 4 A different tray for each variety of potato
Chitting potatoes 5 Clearly labelled so we know which are which
Chitting potatoes 6 All ready to start chitting

Mid January 2017

Early January 2017

November/December 2016