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Spring 2 - The Iron Man

This term our topic is: The Iron Man

Through Science and DT we'll be learning all about the Iron Man!


For weekly updates on our topic, as well as everything else we're busy doing in 3M, check the weekly overviews below. 

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Weekly Overviews

WB: 25.02.19

What a busy first week it's been back in 3M!

English: This week in English, we began to read our new class novel 'The Iron Man'. We  made predictions about characters and events, explored unfamiliar vocabulary and even learned the first chapter using our 'Talk 4 Writing' approach. The children are already hooked on the book and can't wait to read more! 

Maths: In Maths, we've been focusing on the properties of shape. We explored different 2-D shapes, their interior angles and even identified parallel and perpendicular lines! We got the chance to create our own irregular 2-D shapes as part of our class challenge - take a look at some of our shapes below! 

Topic (Science) - This week we've been focusing on forces. After identifying pushes and pulls as kinds of forces, we explored the school finding everyday examples of pushes and pulls. We recorded our examples using a Venn diagram. 


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WB: 04.03.19

English: This week in English we've continued to explore some of the key character's thoughts and feelings from our class novel - The Iron Man. We're really enjoying the book and love the role playing our favourite characters!

Maths:  In Maths we've been learning how to interpret data in lots of different forms. We began the week looking at tables and pictograms before we moved on to interpreting data in bar charts. We even collected our own data and presented it in our own bar chart!

Science: This week in Science we've been exploring how objects travel on different surfaces. We conducted our own experiment with ramps made from different surfaces, a car and measurement equipment. We rolled the car down the different ramps and recorded how far the car travelled. Next, we looked at presenting and explaining our results. We presented the results using a bar chart - linking to our super Maths work. We explained the results using key vocabulary that we'd learned, such as; friction, surface, force, distance and speed. 

Check out some of this week's photos below!  


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