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Summer 1 - What the Romans did for us

Topic: What the Romans did for us! 

This term we'll be learning all about the might Romans! 

To find out all about what we've been up to in class, check the updates below!


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We'll begin the term looking at play scripts and explore and range of different plays. We'll evaluate performances, discuss characters and events and perform different play scripts. Using the knowledge of play scripts which we have gained, we will then create our own play scripts based on Julia Donaldson's - All gone. Following on from our work on play scripts, children will move on to exploring a range of different non-chronological reports. Linking with the topic, children will research an aspect of Roman life and create an information poster using the information which they have gathered. 

We'll begin the term in Maths by consolidating the children's ability to use the written methods of calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and apply this skill to a range of problems. Children will also continue to solve problems involving time as well as explore the properties of 2D/3D shapes. 


Our topic (What the Romans did for us) will mainly delivered through History lessons. Children will explore a range of key questions including: What was life like in Britain before the Romans invaded? Why did the Romans invade Britain? and Should the Celts rake on the Romans? Though exploration of these key questions, the children will engage in role play, develop research skills and produce cross-curricular writing pieces.  


Have a look at the gallery below to see how we got on!