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Summer 2 - How does your garden Grow?

How does your garden grow?
Our topic this term is entitled 'How does your garden grow?'

Throughout the topic, mainly delivered through science, the children will learn all about plants. 

Check the weekly updates below to stay up to date with everything we're up to in class!

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Class Updates




WB: 01.07.19

What a busy week we've had this week! We were lucky enough to be joined by Mr Berry, who helped in class this week as part of his work experience. The children really enjoyed working with Mr Berry and were sad to see him leave. Thanks for all your help Mr Berry! 

This week in Maths we've been busy looking at presenting and interpreting data. We started off by creating our own pictograms before we began to interpret and present data using bar charts. In English we completed our own adventure stories based on The Faraway Tree. The children have really enjoyed this unit of work and have produced some fantastic pieces of writing - take a look at some of the examples below! During our science lessons this week we've begun our own investigation to see what exactly plants need to survive. We've currently got 4 class plants-each restricted from either sunlight, water, air or soil. We want to see how the plants respond - we'll keep you posted with our observations. 





WB - 08.07.19

We've continued to work really hard this week and it's been another hectic week! In Maths we've been consolidating our understanding of perimeter and used our knowledge to solve some practical problems. The children really enjoyed using limited resources such as string to measure the perimeter of different 2-D shapes. In English - we started our new unit of work, explanation texts. We read an email from the BBC Children's website, challenging us to create an explanation poster about a plant's life cycle, targeted at KS1 children. We spent some time planning our unit, developing all the ideas that we need in order to complete the task. Next we started looking at some different explanation texts/posters and identified some features that we may need to use in our own designs. We're looking forward to completing our explanation posters before the end of the year. In science we've enjoyed lots of different practical lessons. We've explored different parts of a plant and even dissected some plants! Next, we researched all about a plants life cycle ready to use the information in our explanation posters. What a crazy end to the week - pyjama day! There was some weird and wonderful nightwear!