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Welcome to 3M's Class Page! 

Welcome to 3M's class page. 

I'm Mr Monaghan, one of the year 3 teachers at MJS. 


Lockdown 3


It's with great sadness that on 03/01/2021 we learned that the school would be closed for a new lockdown. During the last term, I was truly impressed with the progress all children had made despite the setback of the last lockdown. Although the last term was difficult, with its host of new precautions to keep children safe, through working together I was impressed by the way staff, parents/carers and pupils managed to foster a welcoming, reassuring and inclusive environment that successfully promoted learning for all.


So here we are again, and we have to work together to make the best of it. Home learning will be delivered daily, five days a week, to provide children with support from home. Most learning will be delivered using Purplemash in conjunction with other sources (detailed in the class timetable). We suggest all children and parents/carers try to stick with the timetable as best they can because we firmly believe that children benefit from having that structure. 

Whilst the coming weeks may be difficult for us all, I am confident that through working together, we can all achieve the best outcomes for pupils. Remember that this is a learning curve for us all, parents/carers, pupils and teachers and please be confident that if you reach out for assistance from us, we will do all we can to help.

Stay safe,


Mr. Monaghan.



Suggested Home Learning Time Table