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Summer 2

Here we are again, into the the last term. Children are already talking about what they are going to be getting up to in their summer holidays. I tell you what, we have some excited children. I am very jealous about their activities - if only to be young again. This final half term brings us to another new topic called 'Hunted'. Children have already been on their school trip to get them interested (and didn't it just do that!) The whole of year 4 went to Brockholes (see pictures below). It was fantastic. The children observed different creatures in the Lookout and carried out some mini beast hunts, as well building their own habitat for their chosen creature. They were using various equipment to capture creatures, which the children loved. Definitely one for a family day out! The children will continue looking at living things and their habitats back in the classroom, which they will be able to bring their knowledge from the trip back to school with them. We will also be looking at different food chains and hopefully going to Witton Park to look at the creatures down their and comparing them.

In English currently the children are looking at discussion texts and debates. We are linking this to the new housing estate being built up the road from school and thinking about the creatures there and their loss of habitat. By the end of the English topic children will have written their own discussion text based on this debate about whether or not the land should have been built on and looking at points FOR and AGAINST!

In Maths we carry on learning our times tables ready for the tests in the coming weeks.So please please please keep practising them with your children so they have the best possible chance.

Again reading needs to be done every night with reading records signed and questioning the children about their book to show their understanding. 

P.E kits need to be in school on Monday and taken home Friday's. We have indoor P.E on Monday and outdoor P.E on Fridays. 

One last big push until the summer holidays with still lots of learning taking place.   

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Week beginning 29th January 2019

Another week passing us by! I do wonder where time actually goes. In English this week, children have started a new topic all about persuasive writing. Children have been watching clips from different adverts and are looking at leaflets to pick out their key features. They have already chosen certain adverts that are fantastic and reasons why they are persuaded to buy the product. This will help them when they have to write their own persuasive leaflet in the upcoming weeks. I know the children will love this topic. 

In Maths, this week, we are focusing on coordinates and translating shapes to different points on a grid. Children have been showing great determination and have really enjoyed moving 'along the corridor and up the stairs' to identify different points on the grid. This also comes in handy when reading maps in Geography. 

In topic this week, children are continuing making PowerPoints using lots of skills and linking this to our digestive system. They are working in pairs and are learning new skills as they go along. It is great to see the children working as a team. 


Just a reminder once again about children bringing P.E kits (indoor on Monday, outdoor on Friday) it is essential that the correct kit is worn at all times. Spellings and timestables also need learning as often as possible. Reading records need to be signed as often as possible too so that I know the children are reading regular and are being asked questions about their books so they understand what is happening. 

Week beginning 21.1.19

Week 3 is passing us by and lots of hard work being carried out. Our new topic for this half term is called 'The Art of Food' Children will learn all about the digestive system and we will find lots of things out about our teeth and what things can help keep them shining bright like a diamond. We will also look at what happens to our food once it goes into our body. This week, we had a very special visitor from the Dentist and the Dentist's assistant came and told us lots of useful information about our teeth and what to eat and when to eat. The children loved it. Pictures to follow!!

In Maths we have been learning all about fractions. Some of us found this work quite easy to follow and others found some aspects of it very tricky... especially finding fractions of amounts and the fraction word problems.Children could use the internet and try out the fractions games on the top marks web site to secure their understanding of this maths work. In English, we have been continuing our work on The Balaclava Boy this week thew children have been enjoy writing their own stories based on the novel. This has seen some excellent work produced and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

A lot of children do not have their P.E kits in school! Please could you ensure the children bring their Indoor kit on Monday and their outdoor kit on Fridays. 

Week Beginning 3rd December 2018

Another week has begun. This week the children are showing off what they have learnt so far in year 4 and completing some assessments. Children will be doing a Reading, Maths, Spelling Punctuation and Grammar and a Writing assessment. This will be a nice time for the children to show me what they can do and what they can remember. It would be a good idea for children to be going to bed early and making sure they get to school on time. 

During the week children will get to start writing their own newspaper articles, which we will continue and finish next week. This article is based on what the children have learnt based on The Plague. The children continue to enjoy this topic and have so far learnt about the causes, how the plague spread and what symptoms people had in order to recognise anyone who had the plague. I'm glad we don't live in that era. How awful. The children, however, have found it fascinating. This week we will look in more detail at The Plague Doctor. 

Children should keep learning their timestables through the use of the school website and by using the links on there. 


As the Christmas holiday is fast approaching. Year 4 are having a Christmas Party on Tuesday 10th December 2018 in the afternoon. Children can bring something to eat for the party. Crisps, drinks, chocolate or any cake or biscuits would be suitable. The children could also bring a change of clothing to wear in the afternoon. I am really looking forward to this. I'm sure children will enjoy the music and the games we play. 

Week beginning 26th November 2018

This week, is another busy week before assessment week. We are continuing to look at Newspaper articles in English and are gathering lots of content to help the children write their own newspaper articles next week. The children are really enjoying looking at different articles and getting to understand the features and layout of the text type. To help us with writing these articles, in grammar, children will be looking at direct and reported speech so that the children can include eye witness accounts in their newspapers.

In Maths, we are now looking at statistics. This includes looking at different types of charts and graphs. Children will be answering questions on different graphs and will eventually draw their own. 

Children are aware of the class website so I encourage all parents to help children learn their timestables using the interactive games. This is a very important part of Maths and so the more they learn the better. There are lots of fun games located on this website. 

In topic, we carry on looking at The Great Plague. This week we are concentrating on looking at the horrific symptoms of the plague and children will write a little explanation of how the symptoms can be spotted. They are thoroughly enjoying this topic!!

Week beginning 19th November 2018

The countdown is on for most of us. Only 4 more weeks left, a little bit less if you count the early finish on the Friday before Christmas, but who's counting. Another jam packed week with lots of exciting things children will be learning. Our focus on Maths this week is measuring and estimating. On Monday, the children loved getting up out of their chairs and finding things to estimate and then measure. Everyone was involved and helping each other out. It was a great team effort. We will be continuing to measure throughout the week by looking at shapes and trying to work out their perimeter. 

In English, over the next few weeks, we will be focusing on Newspaper Reports. We will look at reading some as a class and looking at Newsround. This will gather all the content, so that by the end of the 3 weeks we will be able to write our own newspaper articles. 

Topic work this half term, has to be my favourite. We are continuing to look at the Plague and how it spread. Children have produced some really good homework along side this and I know that they all find this topic really interesting. 

Just a reminder again that P.E kits need to be in on Monday, for indoor P.E and Friday for outdoor P.E. 

Spellings need to be practised and homework is due in every Friday. 

Keep an eye out for all the interactive maths, grammar and spelling games I have put on the website, they are fantastic!


Week beginning 12th November 2018

What a fun week it has been in class 4C. There has been a lot of exciting things that have been going on and lots of hard work from the children. We have been keeping up with our Daily Mile run which the children love doing to try and record the greatest number of laps. Wednesday was a great success for Children in Need. Lots of money raised and the children loved seeing Pudsey, what a special day for everyone to dress up! Topic has been my favourite part of the week with looking at History regarding The Plague and The Great Fire of London. We had to organise events on a timeline working in groups, which the children loved.

In Maths this week we have been learning all about written multiplication and the chunking method. The children really got stuck into this and the work produced has been brilliant. 

In English, the children have been working on writing their own fairy tales using the plot of the Pied Piper. They have produced some fantastic work and I have really enjoyed reading them!

We are now into the second half term, how time has flown by!! Last Week, On Wednesday, it was the Halloween lunch and dress up day, children and staff made a great effort and there were some prizes for the best dressed and best decorated pumpkin. On Friday, we also had a non-uniform day to raise money for the Young Voices Choir Fund. This was a great success and the school managed to raise over £200. 

This week, we will start our new topic: The Great Plague! We will be looking at the different periods of British History and what they are called.  Hopefully, when we look at the Great Plague the children will be able to put it into its chronological context! As I mentioned last week, the homework for this half term is based around our topic and a new homework grid has gone into your child's homework book if it was in school! Please help your child to complete homework and if there are any questions about homework then please do not hesitate to ask. On Friday 9th November we will be having a World War I Day in school which is going to be a fantastic day to mark this very special occasion. Lots of fun activities will be going on. 


Just a reminder about learning times tables and spellings, which should be done alongside their homework.

Reading records should be signed every night to earn raffle tickets back at school for the prize draw on Friday. When your child reads to you, please make sure that you are asking them questions along side the book to check children's understanding and knowledge of the story. 

Finally, Indoor P.E is on Monday and Outdoor P.E is on Friday. This half term we are concentrating on Dance and Tennis. 


Watch this space for more updates and check out the links for various games to help your child with their timestables and spellings.