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Week Beginning 16th March 2020

During these difficult times, we, as a school, are doing our very best to ensure your child's education continues as normally as is possible - even if they are having to stay home from school. To that end, we have put a pack of resources onto class pages for you to print off and for your children to work through. From next week (week beginning 23rd March 2020) children will be set daily online learning tasks on Purple Mash which they are expected to complete and return for marking and this has already been explained to them at school. Please check our school website regularly - as well as your emails and text messages - for any further updates.

Hello class 4C,


I hope you have all been staying safe and looking after yourself and your families. What a strange end to the school year it has been. It only seems 2 minutes ago since we were having our transition day to welcome you into 4C. Well I must say, it has been a pleasure teaching every single one of you. You are all unique and special and I have enjoyed every single minute having you in my class. Well done to those children who have been working hard in these difficult circumstances and completing their Purple Mash activities or the packs that have been sent home. You have made me proud, yourself proud and your parents. I am sure when we return in September we can all say our proper goodbyes to 4C and remember the good memories we have had. Make sure you work hard over the summer holidays and enjoy your time with your families as it is very precious. I want you all to come back in September ready to give your all and show your next teacher how clever and enthusiastic you were in 4C.


See you all soon

Mr Crowther     







Try these maths activities over the holidays. There are 2 levels of challenges to choose from - Year 3 - 4 and Year 4 - 5. Give them a go to keep your maths skills sharp over the holiday.

Week beginning 16.12.19

As we approach the final leg of Autumn term, class 4C have been really busy coming to the end of their topics. In English, we have been finishing writing our newspaper reports based on The Plague. Children have really enjoyed finding out about what had happened and have really brought their newspapers to life using journalistic language. In topic we are completing our end of topic assessment to see how much the children have learnt and can remember about The Plague. Including, why the Plague Doctor wears what he does and how The Plague spread. Children have really impressed me in terms of how interested they have been about this topic. I must admit it is my favourite topic to teach!!

We have also been getting into the Christmas spirit by playing party games and making little crafts. It is really nice to see the children working together and smiling and getting on. The BEST time of the year.


One last thing to say, and that is I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year. I shall see everybody on the Tuesday 7th January 2020. Doors open at 8:40am. 

Autumn 2

Where do the weeks go? It is fast approaching the Christmas holidays and 4C have already covered so much. The children have been learning new skills in various subjects and have enjoyed learning all about the Plague. For our WOW starter this half term, we had a visitor who came in to explain where The Plague came from. He gave us a brief introduction which made all the children excited to learn it in lesson time. Children have enjoyed this topic so far and are always asking when we're learning more about The Plague. Some fantastic homework has been brought in. From great explanations of The Plague Doctor's uniform to actually designing The Plague Doctor's mask. Children have really gone to town. Children have wrote some fantastic explanations of how The Plague arrived in the UK and how it spread so quickly.


We will also be linking our maths work with our topic work by creating bar graphs to show the number of deaths caused by The Plague. In Maths this Half Term, children have covered various units and learnt about Perimeter, Mental Multiplication and Division, Statistics and Written Multiplication. Children have found lots of short cuts to be able to mentally multiply and divide numbers and have found a quick way to learn their 9 times tables. (video in Maths section). 


Children have absolutely loved English work so far this term. Children have gone from writing their own stories based on The Pied Piper to being in the process of writing their own newspaper articles on The Plague. We have been gathering lots of content so the children completely understand what to include and how to write a newspaper article. We have got in role of the character's by role playing during the time of The plague. We have also read a class novel to gather lots of details about what the streets were like. Children have really enjoyed reading various newspapers. 


P.E this half term has been invasion games (indoors) and Net and Wall games (outdoor). Children have learnt lots of new skills and have worked well in pairs, small groups and teams. Children are beginning to understand more about tactics and applying attacking and defending skills in order to score points. We have some really talented children in 4C. 


Our class have created a winter scene for the new displays in the hall. Children used the technique of Mono Printing to create their picture. After they had dried, children carefully painted these and they have turned out fantastic. 



4C's Mono Printing

Autumn 1

Week beginning 9th September 2019

We're here again

All together

With all our friends...

We certainly are! Welcome back after the summer holidays and how quick did it go? 

This term we are starting our new topic called Sparks Might Fly. This topic is Science based and we will be learning all about electricity.