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Tuesday 26th January 2021


Good morning everyone, don't forget to have a look everyday at the PE section in Home Learning and try out the activities that are set for each day.  


Guided Reading - today read chapter 2 and answer the quiz. 


Spelling - there is a quiz set for you on Purple Mash. Why not use some of the words and on a piece of paper use some of the strategies 

we use in class to learn them - in a pyramid, in rainbow writing, in your best handwriting....


Grammar - we are exploring adjectives today ready for writing a setting description later in the week.


Maths - today is a day to go over all the work we have covered on multiplication. Please spend time on Times Table Rockstars.


English - looking at chunk a plot we will write a character description


RE - we will be thinking about the words that Jesus used and what they mean




Welcome to 5CM

Monday 25th January 2021


Hi everyone and we hope you have all had a good weekend! Did it snow where you live? We would love to see your snowy photos.

Today is the start of a new week and it is really important that you work every day on all the tasks that we set and watch the videos we are making for you. Today Miss McNeill is on a course all day so if you are needing help it might be an idea if you are in 5CM to email Mrs Sudworth and she can get back to you and help.


Reading - today all groups are starting their new book and completing the first quiz.


Spelling - there is a spelling task set on Purple Mash.


Grammar - this week we are focusing on expanded noun phrases and prepositional phrases so that we can use these in our writing this week


Maths - we will revisit multiplication of two 2 digit numbers, please spend time on Times Table Rock Stars as well each day.


English - we are venturing through a portal to space! Today we will watch a short film and start collecting ideas for our own version of the story.


PSHE - we will be finding out about roles and responsibilities in our community


Art- the task from last Friday has been reset so that you all have chance to complete this work, please send a photograph of your work to Purple Mash


Miss McNeill and Mrs Sudworth

Friday 22nd January 2021


Happy Friday everyone - you have been really busy this week and it has been lovely seeing all your work.

This week's STAR of the Week are T.J in 5S and Ethan in 5CM. Well done.


P.E. - Please complete at least two of the tasks set by Mr Crowther in the PE section of  Home Learning.


Guided Reading - Red and Yellow 2 please read chapter 6 and 7 and complete the quiz so you are ready to start a new book on Monday. Yellow 1 and Green please complete the book review.


Spelling - There is a quiz set for you on Purple Mash.


Maths - You did well completing 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication yesterday , we will continue with this today to make sure you have a really good understanding of this


English - Day and Night! It's explanation writing, where we show off what we know about this and use the grammar skills that we have been learning throughout the week.


Art - Today we are learning to draw planets using different shading techniques. Listen to the video in Purple Mash that tells you what to do. 

Thursday 21st January 2021


Good morning, did any of you watch the events in America yesterday? Did you hear the young lady, Amanda Gorman, recite the poem she had written for the ceremony when Mr Biden became the president of the USA? Did you hear Lady Gaga sing? Did you watch Mr Biden become the president?

Other news - floods and a storm in the North West. Did any of you get snow last night?  It would be a good day to write a diary, I might write a poem about the floods and rain and snow, inspired by the poem 'The Hill We Climb' written by Amanda Gorman, 


Please make sure you watch all of the lessons and then complete the work we have set and remember to save your work so that you can look at it again in future lessons.


Guided Reading - please read the next chapter of your book and if you are asked to find the meaning of a word you can use a dictionary.


Spelling - complete the task set on Purple Mash If you use Nessy in school please have a go on this for about 15 minutes.


Grammar - we will revisit cohesive devices


Maths - we will now multiply a 2 digit number by a 2 digit number have a go on Times Table Rock Stars.


English - we will be writing our explanation text about night and day


PSHE - find out about different types of jobs and learn about the different 'sectors' of employment such as health, education, building,entertainment, hospitality.





Wednesday 20th January 2021

Good morning 5CM, I hope that you are all OK and ready for a great day of learning. 


Guided Reading - Read the next chapter and answer the questions from the quiz.


Spellings - An activity has been set for you on Purple Mash.


Maths - Moving on to multiplying a 4 digit number by a 1 digit number.


Grammar - Answer the questions about cohesive devices on Purple Mash.


English - Find the meaning of words in order to use them in your writing later in the week.


Music - Listen to the 2nd movement of Gustav Holst and create you own ostinato.


Happy learning!!


Miss McNeill

Tuesday 19th January 2021


Hello everyone, well done for all the work completed yesterday.  Don't forget to have a break inbetween tasks.


Guided Reading - continue with the next chapter ad complete the quiz.


Grammar - today we will be recording cohesive devises.


Spellings - an activity has been set for you on Purple Mash.


Maths - moving on to multiplying a 3 digit number with a 1 digit number


English - we will be collecting information about night and day to use in our explanation text


Art - watch the lesson and create planets using different shading techniques

Miss McNeill

Class Teacher 5CM

Jo Wicks Lockdown Workout is back on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am. You can find him on his YouTube channel. Start the day with a physical workout! Send pictures, we would love to see you working out.The link to his YouTube channel can be found in Home Learning and then look in PE.

Good morning and well done to everyone for all the amazing work done at home this week.

We hope you have enjoyed the tasks and are looking forward to next week. Every week during lockdown we will announce a

Star of the Week

this will be someone who has shown great commitment and engagement in home learning.


Guided reading - please read the next chapter of your book and complete the quiz.


Maths - before you start today's lesson have 10 - 15 minutes on Times Table Rock Stars please and then watch the lesson and complete your work on subtraction


Spelling and Grammar - task have been set for you in Purple Mash


English - watch the lesson in Purple Mash and then edit and improve your writing that we did yesterday


Music - today we will start to explore the music of Gustav Holst who wrote a famous piece of music all about the planets! The video you will need to watch is in the Music are in Home Learning. The writing template for you is set as a 2Do in Purple Mash

Thursday 14th January 2021


Good morning, here is an outline of the work that has been set for you to complete today.


Guided Reading - Green and Yellow 2 you are starting a new book today and Yellow 2 and Red you are reaing the last chapter and writing a book review.

Grammar and Spelling - activities have been set for you on Purple Mash.

Maths - Today we are moving on to subtraction using a formal written method.

English - Today we are writing a voice over for a video clip about snakes! 

Science - What are solar and lunar eclipses? Go to Home Learning and to Science and watch the video we have posted here and then complete the task in Purple Mash. 

Art - please make sure you have completed the art task by the end of today.

Monday 18th January 2021


Hello everyone and we hope that you have had a peaceful weekend. We have lots planned this week for you and hope that you enjoy learning, if you have any problems with the work set please contact us using the email below.


Remember to look at the PE area in the Home Learning section and complete some of the suggested daily activities.


Guided Reading - Please read the next chapter of your book and answer the quiz questions. Remember, if you don't know the meaning of a word you can use a dictionary to find the meaning. If you have a dictionary at home use that, otherwise there are lots of online dictionaries available.


Maths - We are moving onto multiplying a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number.  


Grammar - This week we are learning all about cohesive devices that we will be able to use in our non-fiction writing.


English - Today we are finding out about the features of different non-fiction texts.


Science - Do you know what makes day turn to night? We will be finding out about night and day in our science work. 

Wednesday 13th January 2021


Good morning and we hope you are all ok and ready for today's learning.  First of all can we remind you of the timetable for learning - please try and stick to this as much as you can.  

The 2mail quiz is well under way - look out for today's question in your Purple Mash email.

Thank you to those who have been sending photographs of their art work - they look amazing! This task needs to be completed by tomorrow afternoon. The video is still available to watch in the art area of the Home Learning.

Don't forget to get active! Go to the PE section for a great timetable with links for you to watch.


Guided Reading - Please read the next chapter of your book and complete both the quiz and writing task that have been set.

Maths - Please can everyone spend 10 -  15 minutes on Times Table Rock Stars this morning.

More addition using the formal written method. Please watch the video first as there are activities to complete whilst watching this.

Spelling and Grammar - Go to Purple Mash and complete the activities that have been set.

English - We will have another go at using a video to collect information and write a short factfile and quiz.

Topic - PSHE,  you are to write about your ambitions.


CLASS READER  - head over to the Home Learning Page a listen to the next part of Roald Dahl's Magic Finger.

Tuesday 12th January 2021


Well done to everyone who completed work yesterday.  Thank you for your patience when things went a bit wrong! Thank you to everyone who quickly emailed and told us when things didn't go to plan. 


Before you start work today - why not have a go at Jo Wicks Lockdown Workout! 9am on his YouTube channel.



Carrying on with using a written method for addition. The lesson is set as a 2Do in Purple Mash.

Remember there is number of the day for you in the Maths area in Home Learning.


There is an activity set in Purple Mash for you. Why not use the words that that you see today and practise using the spelling strategies that we have shown you in class - in a pyramid, in capitals and lower case, in 3 sentences, in fancy writing, rainbow writing.


We will be revising expanded noun phrases using a Purple Mash


You are gong to make a leaflet about online safety today. Please don't rush this - think carefully about the content and presetention of your work.


Please go to the PE area in Home Learning and find out what you can do today! nA big thank you to Mr Crowther who has spent time making this for everyone in school.


Art - carry on with the task that was set yesterday. If you haven't started you can still find the 2Do in Purple Mash that explains what to do. This work should be completed for Thursday.


READING - this afternoon we will post the first chapter of a class novel for you to listen to in the English area in Home Learning! Watch a video of your teacher reading a well known Roald Dahl story. Which one do you think it will be?

Monday 11th January 2021


Good morning everyone and we hope that you have all had a good weekend. 

We are very impressed with how many of you had completed the Purple Mash tasks last week.

Each morning there will an overview of what you need to complete here on the class page. If you have any concerns or suggestions for us to improve please let us know - this is new for teachers as well as new for you at home.  We want to make home learning the best it can be for you so if you have any comments about how we are doing please send us an email.


This week we are starting a fun daily quiz using the Purple Mash 2mail, (email on Purple Mash). Here's how it will work ....


enlightenedMonday - Thursday we will send you an email with a question/riddle to answer

enlightenedYou answer the questions and save your answers on a piece of paper

enlightenedOn Friday you email your class teacher the 4 answers

enlightenedOn Friday we will post the answers and post names of the children who have answered all 4 questions

Good luck and have fun!


Today's home learning -


This week will explore deadly creatures from around the world (whilst sitting in the comfort of your own home!) By the end of the week, not only will you know lots about some deadly creatures, you will have also created your own! 

Today we are reading an extract from the book ‘Deadly Factbook: Mammals’ by Steve Backshall The writing needs to be completed on the  Purple Mash writing template that we have set for you. 


There is a Purple Mash activity for you to complete.


Today you will watch a video explaining how to do column addition. After you have watched the video you need to complete the math sheets online.  To complete this you click on the to do and  the questions will be there with writing tools for you to answer on the sheet. You might want to use a pencil and paper first before you put the answer in the box.

If you complete your work Number of the Day is in is ready for you in the Maths area in Home Learning.


There is an art activity set for you that might take more than one session to complete, do not worry, take your time and make a good job of it. The link to the YouTube clip that explains what to do can be found in -









Wednesday 6th January 2022

Hello and happy new year to you all!

I know that this isn't the start to the year that we were hoping for or expecting but we will make sure that your child is able to progress with their learning as much as is possible over the coming days and weeks. I have set the learning for the remainder of this week on Purple Mash - please ensure your child completes this work and hands it in via Purple Mash. From Monday, however, there will be recorded lessons on Purple Mash for the children to follow with an activity for each lesson. It is compulsory for all children to complete each lesson, each day as they would have done if they were in school. I have added an email link to this page so if you are having difficulties, please feel free to contact me using this. I will be making phonecalls home throughout this week to check everyone has what they need to access remote learning. Take care and I'll speak to you all soon! 

Thursday 7th January 2021


Good morning! What a frosty morning it is today, do you think we will get snow? If you do get some snow send me a picture.

Today there are reading and writing activities set and 2 maths activities.  Please spend time on the science space lesson.

You can find the link in the Home Learning section - it is


Today I have set up new subject icons on the Home Learning page, we will be adding to this regularly.


If you have any worries, questions, celebrations please don't hesitate in contacting me.

Friday 8th  January


Good morning everyone.I woke up this morning hoping to see a world covered in sparkling snow, what a disappointment to find a grey sky and rain when I opened the curtains. Maybe it will arrive later. 

Yesterday you all did so well completing the work that was set on Purple Mash. A few of you have been completing the work and asking for more!

So - we have quickly set up for you all on the Home Learning section of the Class Page individual subject icons, Maths, English, Art, PSHE, Music, Design Technology, French, Geography, PE.  Have a look in PE - Mr Crowther has added loads of links for PE activities to do at home.  Jo Wicks starts his daily workouts next week - Miss McNeill and Mrs Sudworth are looking forward to that!

In the Maths section we are adding a daily number of the day. This can be done on paper and there is a printable copy attached as well. We will post the answers the next day.

The link for the SPACE work is now in the SCIENCE section.

You are all doing so well. 

Have a good day - look out for an email in your Purple Mash account today.


Enjoy your weekend and we will be back again ready for you on Monday morning.


Stay safe, stay inside.

Miss McNeill and Mrs Sudworth

Welcome to 5CM's class page

It has been great getting back to school and getting to know all the children in 5CM.  The first few weeks have been a time of getting used to the changes in school and we have been so impressed at how the children have adapted to these new arrangements.  5CM is taught by Miss McNeill in the morning and Mrs Cooke in the afternoon. Miss Jordan and Mrs Bandarker both support learning in class. 


Our class bird - learning to draw a range of different lines

Meet the teacher

Still image for this video

Friday writing. I am so pleased with the progress everyone is making.

Here are some examples of Maths and English work that children have completed at home.