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In English we have been busy reading a variety of myths set back in time. We have planned our own versions and are now onto the writing phase. The children are working hard and trying to use the grammar skills we have learned throughout the year.

In independent writing and science writing , the children have produced some wonderful work following on from the stimulus they were given on our class trips to Walton le Dale and Williamson Park (The Butterfly house)


In Maths we have been investigating the connections between decimals, % and fractions, a topic the children found tricky at first but with much perseverance and determination the children have a much better understanding and are moving onto solving problems involving fractions.




This half term we will be finding out about the Ancient Greeks. To start our topic we tasted some Greek food. We tried olives, feta cheese and Greek yoghurt.




In Science we will be learning about lifecycles. We will be visiting the butterfly house in Williamson Park at Lancaster to inspire us. Watch this space for photographs of the trip.

Summer term



We have started our new topic ' The Amazing Amazon' and are enjoying learning all about the fantastic river and rainforest. In English we have started our new novel entitled ' Journey to the River Sea', we have also enjoyed, Wings of a Butterfly, The Tree of Life and The Great Kapok Tree.


In Maths we have been working hard on place value of numbers including 3  decimal places.

In science lessons we have launched our topic of life cycles and plants.




Spring 2


Inventors and Inventions

We have started our new topic through English lessons with the book Hugo Cabret

The class along with the staff are all hooked and are enjoying predicting, questioning and reading all about the fascinating life of Hugo and how his clockmaker father came across the abandoned automaton in the musuem.

We have been introduced to some new vocabulary and have enjoyed learning all about cogs, clockworks and automaton and much more.


In maths we have been working hard with division and looking at chunking as a written method but also working on using mental strategies such as partitioning and using halving for dividing by 2 for example.





Welcome to class 5CP


The teachers in class are Mrs Carins and Mrs Parkinson and the SSA's in class are Miss Avery and Miss Imtiaz


Autumn Term 2


Our topic this half term is 'Food, Glorious, Food'

We started the topic with a 'wow' starter of trying various foods from different countries and discussing if we had seen them or even tried them before. We really enjoyed trying foods that were new and finding out where they had come from.



In English we are reading 'A Christmas carol' by Gill Tavener and also looking at the original written by Charles Dickens. We have discussed historical features and differences to the present day.


In Maths we have been identifying multiples, factors and prime numbers.


On Friday 9th November we will be remembering 100 years since WW1 and writing poems to perform.

Please can you make sure that your child is reading and using the reading response book after a chapter has been read. Then they can move their name on the reading display to gain rewards.






On Friday we commemorated 100 years of WW1 ending, Year 6 started the morning with a superb assembly and then as a class we continued to remember all the people who lost their lives during WW1.

During the morning we carried out some research, learned vocabulary linked to the war and then created a diamond poppy poem which are now currently on display in class. In the afternoon the children carried on with research and found out the names of soldiers from Blackburn that lost their lives and then made a poppy with the name of one of the soldiers and created a wreath for the classroom.


This week in Maths we are focusing on using the chunking method and mental strategies for division.


In English we will be carrying on with using drama to find out more about Scrooge as a character and starting to develop writing a setting description.


On Wednesday 14th November, the school will be taking part in raising money for Children In Need be dressing up and selling merchandise.


We have started to play a times tables game on the IPAD in class which children are starting to enjoy and becoming competitive with they can earn different medals as they play. There are lots of games to practice times tables on the Topmarks website if you have access to the internet at home.


Please can we continue to ask for your support to encourage your child to read at home and practise the Year 5 word list which they should be able to spell correctly by the end of Year 5.  


Thank you for your continued support

Mrs Carins and Mrs Parkinson

Our Topic for this half term is... EARTHLINGS!

Check out these websites to research outer space!



In Science we have been creating video clips explaining the relationship between the Earth, Sun and Moon.

Look at what we have been reading in English!