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Autumn 2 History: Rock and Roll - The Stone Age to the Iron Age

Facts and vocabulary for our history topic - Rock and Roll - The Stone Age to the Iron Age.

Stone Age farming and homes | History - Ancient Voices

Find out about farming and homes in the stone age.

Horrible Histories - Terrible Ways to Live in the Savage Stone Age.

Find out about a variety of different aspects of stone age life from the Horrible Histories team.

Living in the Stone Age!

A fun song with lots of photographs and artists impressions of what life was like in the stone age.

How Was Stonehenge Created? | Animated History

Just how was Stonehenge created - Aliens? Giants? Merlin? The simple truth is that it was made by human ingenuity... find out a little more by watching the clip.

Skara Brae, A stone age village

Find out a little bit about the stone age village of Skara Brae.