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Curriculum Intent

Our Curriculum Intent

The aim at Meadowhead Community Junior School is to provide opportunities for all pupils to develop as independent, confident, successful learners.

We want to provide pupils with high quality learning experiences that stimulate curiosity and challenge all pupils to reach their full potential.

We offer a wide variety of enrichment experiences, from forest school to museum visits, from visiting archers to foreign residential visits. We want our pupils to access opportunities which they may not have outside of school.

By the end of their time at Meadowhead Junior School we want children to be competent speakers, readers and writers, having secured basic skills in English and Maths. This will ensure they have firm foundations on which to build, meaning they are equipped with the keys to success throughout their lives.

English Curriculum Intent

We firmly believe that reading is the key which unlocks the door to success in all aspects of life, both at school and beyond. We aim to foster a life-long love of reading where pupils are keenly encouraged to read widely and for pleasure, constantly and consistently throughout their school lives.

The English Curriculum is designed to ensure stereotypes are challenged and diversity promoted through choices of reading materials. Pupils are encouraged to take part in a wide variety of reading activities to promote reading for pleasure such as story and PJ sessions with parents, competitions, book clubs, outdoor library sessions and junior librarians to name a few.

We are very mindful of the fact that spoken language skills can often be challenging for our pupils. As such, we ensure that pupils are exposed to a wide variety of good quality language throughout the day, not just in lessons. We pre-teach vocabulary to those requiring additional support and use Tower Hamlets “Progression in Language Structures” document to ensure language for different purposes is modelled effectively. We ensure pupils are taught how to debate and challenge others’ ideas courteously and respectfully.

Writing is taught following a text through to writing approach. Pupils are immersed in the rich language and text structures, analyse texts and produce writing which aims to be of the same high standard. We ensure grammar skills are taught contextually linked with the text they are studying in English to ensure the work is meaningful to pupils. Grammar sessions are taught on a daily basis in ten minute slots, allowing the pupils to move freely from immersion to independence.

Maths Curriculum Intent

At Meadowhead Community Junior School pupils have the opportunity to explore mathematics in a variety of stimulating and engaging lessons each day. These are planned using objectives from the Lancashire Medium Term Plans for Mathematics. Our maths curriculum is designed to equip pupils for everyday life. It also makes connections to other areas of the curriculum. Pupils develop their resilience to solving a wide range of real life problems.

There is an emphasis placed on practical work. Classes have a range of resources and there is a central store of resources that teaching staff can use to aid teaching and learning. An emphasis is placed upon talk. Pupils become confident in using mathematical vocabulary correctly to explain their understanding of different concepts.

Teachers follow the school’s Calculation Policy to ensure consistency with the four number operations. These are displayed in each classroom. Maths working walls are used by every class, providing visual images to support learning.

“Keep Up Not Catch Up” is an intervention used across school following maths lessons. Five or ten minute sessions, where pupils work on a one to one basis with a teaching assistant, identify any misconceptions enabling the pupils to move on with learning the following day.

Science Curriculum Intent

At Meadowhead Community Junior School our science curriculum is designed for all pupils to be given the opportunities to explore the world confidently, through various topics taught, in order that they have a deeper understanding of the world they live in.

We encourage curiosity, questioning and extend children’s vocabulary through exciting and practical lessons. These provide pupils with the key scientific skills including observing, planning and investigating. Pupils work collaboratively on practical tasks sharing ideas and opinions. We aim for pupils to become independent learners, able to challenge and hypothesise ideas.

In order for our pupils to live happy, healthy lifestyles various science topics are taught, focussing upon nutrition, the digestive system, the heart, diet and exercise.

Computing Curriculum Intent

The Computing curriculum at Meadowhead Junior School equips pupils with the key skills required to thrive in an ever growing technological world.

This includes being able to use computing software and coding programmes, in addition to appreciating the importance of computer networks and how they can provide multiple services.

A strong emphasis is placed upon Online Safety. Lessons are delivered through an independent online safety curriculum.

We want all pupils to have a strong knowledge of online safety rules and be able to independently put these into practise.

Geography Curriculum Intent

Our Geography curriculum is designed to help pupils at Meadowhead develop an understanding of the world and their place within the world.

Pupils will develop an understanding of the relationship between humans and their environment. Our curriculum nurtures a curiosity about the world and also develops knowledge of divers places and people.

The geography curriculum provides opportunities for pupils to explore, appreciate and respect the diversity of the society they are part of.

MfL Curriculum Intent

Our MfL curriculum is designed to progressively develop pupils’s skills in language through regularly taught lessons, focussing on the French spoken and written language.

The curriculum develops an appreciation of a range of cultures through visits, high school links, media and written materials.

We want to develop confident, enthusiastic speakers and writers by providing opportunities to engage in conversations with a variety of audiences. This is developed by acquiring, using and applying a growing bank of vocabulary organised around a series of topics.

All of these approaches help to equip our children with the skills to be confident global citizens.

Design and Technology Curriculum Intent

The Design and Technology curriculum is varied and covers a range of topics and the development of key skills which progress across school.

Pupils are taught about the importance of a varied but balanced diet, preparing healthy meals on a budget. Pupils understand seasonality of products through combining work on the school allotment with this topic.

There is a big focus on practical work with pupils engaged in the designing and making process. They use a wide range of tools, equipment, materials and textiles.

We encourage pupils to think creatively, investigate independently and be able to analyse their work.