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France 2019

​​​​​​Thursday, 4th April

We've had a very emotional day today touring the Somme battlefields today. We began our journey in Fricourt at the site of a cemetery for 17027 German soldiers including thousands of unknown soldiers. The children were surprised to learn that the fallen German soldiers were just young boys, very much like the allied soldiers and that their family members had made the trip from Germany to visit their grave sites too.

After Fricourt, we made our way to the Lochnagar Crater which to this day is the largest crater made by man in anger. The crater was created by the detonation of the Lochnagar Mine which exploded on the 1st July 1916 creating a crater 330ft across and 70ft deep, including a lip 15ft high.

We then visited the Thiepval Memorial which is the largest Commonwealth Memorial to the missing in the world. The memorial commemorates British and South African forces who died in the Somme and who have no known grave. It commemorates more than 72,000 men of British South African forces.

We ended our trip with a visit to the Poisieres War Memorial where mine and Mr Whalley's great-Grandads are commemorated - it was wonderful for us to visit their final resting places and the children were really interested in the link our relatives share.

Once back at the Chateau, the children had some down time and played a game of football with Mr Crowther. At tea time, they were given the choice of pizza, chicken wings or kebabs with ice-cream for pudding. They were also given the opportunity to try frogs legs and snails which most of them did, although I'm not sure how much they enjoyed them! Have a look at the photos and judge for yourselves! frown

Tomorrow, we will be visiting a local chocolate factory before we start the long journey home. It has been a wonderful experience for all of us and I hope the children have had as much fun as we have! We are estimated to return at 11.30pm - if our return time changes, Mrs Chadwick will notify you via text message.

Ms Blackledge

Wednesday, 3rd April

Truly magical is the only way I can describe today - Disney certainly lived up to its reputation of being the happiest place on Earth! 

After a very early start, we drove the two hours to Disneyland Paris from the Chateau. We had grouped the children according to which rides they wanted to go on, with Mr Crowther and myself taking the absolute daredevils, which of course meant that we had to go on the rides too surprise Whether they were on the white knuckle rides or taking a more leisurely stroll around the park, the children really did have a wonderful time and were very well-behaved, always making sure they had their group leaders in sight. Some of them really impressed us and I must give a big shout out to Abigail and Kian who really pushed themselves to go on the bigger rides and felt very proud of themselves after having done so; they even took to encouraging the other children to believe in themselves and have a go on the more scary rides!

At the end of the day, all of the children got prime positions for the daily parade of characters and really enjoyed seeing all of their favourite characters up close - Rapunzel even came to say hello to us! The day was rounded off with a trip to one of the many souvenir shops and we left the park with 28 happy children and 4 rather tired teachers - an early night is definitely in order! 

Ms Blackledge

Tuesday, 2nd April

Another fabulous day in France! Today, we visited a market in the small town of Moreuil (where the children were very keen to spend their Euros!) and had a lovely, relaxed wander through the town. After that, we continued our journey to Amiens which is home to Notre-Dame Cathedral; the cathedral is very historic and has the largest internal volume of any building in France. The children were very respectful whilst we walked around such a sacred site and really did us proud. Lunch was a picnic of sandwiches, crisps, fruit and cakes on a grassy area in the sun.

In the afternoon, we drove to a local goat farm and had lots of fun petting the goats - especially the babies! The owners allowed us to hold the baby goats, feed them and even milk the adult goats! We then had a taster session where we sampled some bread and goats cheese - some of the children really liked the taste whilst for others this may be the first and last time they try it! frown 

We arrived back at the chateau at 5.30pm and had a choice of chicken curry, cordon bleu or marinated pork for tea topped off with a giant chocolate chip cookie. The children are taking part in a scavenger hunt at the moment and are tired but very happy. We will be making sure they get an early night tonight ready for a very early start in the morning and Disneyland Paris.....wish us luck! surprise

Ms Blackledge

Monday, 1st April 2019

What a fantastic start to our French adventure! After a very smooth journey down to Dover, we caught the ferry at 9.25am and arrived in Calais at 11am after having had breakfast whilst at sea! The children behaved impeccably whilst on the coach and ferry and were a real credit to their parents and our school. 

After arriving in France, we journeyed to the small town of Burke and spent a couple of hours soaking up the sun at the beach and enjoying our packed lunches in the fresh air. The children had great fun digging holes, building sandcastles and generally playing in the sand and the staff even had chance to catch a few rays too! frown

We eventually arrived at the Chateau, very tired but very happy, at 5.30pm. The children were shown to their rooms, allowed time to unpack and then had their evening meal which tonight was a choice of turkey escalope, tandoori chicken or spaghetti bolognese followed by a choice of fruit or doughnuts. 

As I'm typing, the children are having fun taking part in the 'Chateau Olympics' outside, however, they will be having a much-needed early night tonight ready for our visit to Moreuil Market, Amiens and a goat farm tomorrow. We will be having our packed lunch whilst we are out and about and will eat our evening meal at the chateau followed by a scavenger hunt. 

We really hope you are all having a lovely rest and aren't worrying too much about your children - they're all having a wonderful time. Mr Crowther, Mr Whalley and Mrs Parker say hi - check this page again tomorrow to find out how our day has been!

Ms Blackledge

p.s. we hope you enjoy the pictures from today!