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In Nurture this week we have been celebrating World Book Day. Year 5 and Year 6 have been reading Harry Potter and Year 3 have been reading The World's Worst Children by David Walliams. The oldee children made spells for things like resilience, friendship and cconfidence and have found out their house at Hogwarts. Whilst, the younger children have copied illustrations from the book and have made onw of the characters from their book. 

We have been taking back to our childhoods in Nurture, making paper snowflakes.

This week in Nurture, we have enjoyed making Christmas Cards for family, friends and staff.

This week Year 4 enjoyed collecting leaves and sticks and using them to make pictures and to make their names.

In Nurture this week we have been thinking about things we are grateful for. Mia in Year 5 has used her talents to create a Gratitude Tree for us and staff and children have written things they are  grateful for on leaves and added them to the tree. 

Bonfire Night Art Year 4

In Nurture last week we celebrated Bonfire Night with some exciting art work. 

Bonfire Night Art Year 5 and 6

5S - practising drawing, different types of lines.

Open Evening- gallery and classroom open for visitors!

Drawing Year 3

Green Time Year 4 and 6 , drawing the view outside using charcoal and white chalk.

Year 5 creating Ancient Greek style statue drawings using mannequins as models.

Year 4 Residential visit to Coniston- drawing mountains.

Year 6 using two vanishing points on the horizon .

Textile Art Year 3

Year 4 learning to shape animals.

Year 5 - entrance display

Green Time - upside down drawings

How exciting - the new Graphite sticks have arrived!

Year 5 have been inspired by a painting called 'Surprised' by the artist Henri Rousseau

Harry in 5CP has created a piece of modern art!

Year 3 - 3M ongoing drawing skills

Year 5 - finding out about Rousseau

Yea 4, 4C, drawing upside down to help us see with more accuracy.

Year 4 - collages of Paris (4C)

Year 4 - collage of Paris (4HW)

Year 6 - 6CS drawing indecently

Year 6 - 6MS drawing independently

Green Time - drawingour initials like the Hollywood letters we all know so well.

Gene in Year 5 has spent her evening drawing the Jub Jub bird after reading the poem Jabberwocky in English.

Year 5 - drawing the bones in a hand and creating a model.

Year 5 - Daniel has done some artwork at home in the style of Jackson Pollock. His mum said it got a bit messy !

Year 4 - sketching Parisian houses . Getting ready to make a collage.

Year 4 showing their art to parents

Year 3 - using shading techniques in drawing