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5S - practising drawing, different types of lines.

Open Evening- gallery and classroom open for visitors!

Drawing Year 3

Green Time Year 4 and 6 , drawing the view outside using charcoal and white chalk.

Year 5 creating Ancient Greek style statue drawings using mannequins as models.

Year 4 Residential visit to Coniston- drawing mountains.

Year 6 using two vanishing points on the horizon .

Textile Art Year 3

Year 4 learning to shape animals.

Year 5 - entrance display

Green Time - upside down drawings

How exciting - the new Graphite sticks have arrived!

Year 5 have been inspired by a painting called 'Surprised' by the artist Henri Rousseau

Harry in 5CP has created a piece of modern art!

Year 3 - 3M ongoing drawing skills

Year 5 - finding out about Rousseau

Yea 4, 4C, drawing upside down to help us see with more accuracy.

Year 4 - collages of Paris (4C)

Year 4 - collage of Paris (4HW)

Year 6 - 6CS drawing indecently

Year 6 - 6MS drawing independently

Green Time - drawingour initials like the Hollywood letters we all know so well.

Gene in Year 5 has spent her evening drawing the Jub Jub bird after reading the poem Jabberwocky in English.

Year 5 - drawing the bones in a hand and creating a model.

Year 5 - Daniel has done some artwork at home in the style of Jackson Pollock. His mum said it got a bit messy !

Year 4 - sketching Parisian houses . Getting ready to make a collage.

Year 4 showing their art to parents

Year 3 - using shading techniques in drawing

Green Time - Year 3 are reading Iron Man so we looked at the illustrations in the book and drew our own Iron Man in the same style.

Year 4 - creating cut outs like Matisse

Year 4 using mannequins to help with collage in the style of the Matisse cut outs.

Green Time Drawing

Year 3 - talking about our art. Printing.

Year 5 - Modrock planet scapes painted Jackson Pollock style!

Year 4 - photographing food

Green Time - observational drawing

Year 3 - using our sketch books to collect ideas using artefacts and photographs.

Year 6 - 6MS, painting portraits.

Year 5 - making a Modrock planet scape.

Year 6 - painting in a larger scale , in the style of Kandinsky

Year 6 - mixing skin tones

Year 3 - a visit from Steve Irwin, drawing fossils

Year 4, C , drawing skills, shading

Year 4 - HW, drawing skills

Year 5 Jackson Pollock style abstract paintings

Year 4 - finding out about the famous artist Renoir

Drawing for painting -Year 6

Year 3 - Cave Art

Year 3 - painting the paper Mache fruit

Year 5 - Dutch Masters.....using oil pastels.

Year 5 - blending oil pastels, applying skills for this half term

Year 5 Hall Display

Year 4 Mono-printing fleas

Year 3 - paper mache

Year Six painting in the style of August Macke

Year Five - blending pastels in the style of The Dutch Masters

Year 3 - sketch book ideas for sculpture

Year 5 - playing with lines

Year Three - paper sculpture

Drawing animals, Year 6. Thin lines Year 4.

Green Time - drawing

Year Four - colour mixing and painting fine lines

Green Time - drawing

Come and have a look at the gallery in school.

Year Four - art linked to history, The Plague