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General Information

Our breakfast is open every morning from 7.30am until 8.25am and started again after the summer holidays on Tuesday 3rd September 2019. We have sporting activities to help get ready to learn and a great choice from our healthy menu including our popular

'Hot Friday'

Our club has grown and grown and we now get over 30 children attending every morning. Instead of just breakfast and sport, we have a relaxing area too. 


First of all we have a range sporting activities to help get your child ready for learning.


Then there is a healthy breakfast where children get a great choice of food throughout the week to help keep them focussed on their work in class.


And finally, we have a relaxing room that gives children chance to watch TV, surf the internet, complete homework, play board games and lots of other quieter activities.


We've listened to your views and comments about the charges for the club so from September 2019 we will go back to charging just £1 for each day your child attends.  If your child attends 2 days, you pay £2, if your child attends 5 days, you pay £5 etc.  However, it is important that you book in advance using the Eduspot school pay system and click on the link to clubs. Places will initially be fixed at a maximum of 40 because that is the largest number we can cater for will the staffing levels at the moment.  If there is demand we will review the situation at the end of the first half term.


Please pay in advance using the school pay system.


So why not come along, join in the sport, eat a healthy breakfast and relax.


Click on the links for further details about times, menus and activities.