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Holiday Clubs


Holiday clubs take place every half term, usually at St Bedes High School. These holiday clubs are for children that we have monitored throughout the year who we see as Gifted and Talented. We monitor these children through P.E lessons after school clubs and competitions. We will then give them a letter to offer the opportunity to go to the holiday club. They are coached by highly qualified staff who push them to their capacity and will challenge them in various sports including; netball, football, basketball, athletics and tennis. Children who attend these clubs have come back to me and shared their experience. Nothing but praise from the children, who attend these clubs, which is fantastic to hear knowing the club has been a success and worthwhile.

Triathlon 2018


Due to the success of last year's triathlon, we entered a team again this year at the Shropshire Kids Fun Triathlon event on Saturday 2nd June 2018.  However, this time each child completed all three legs!  All children performed superbly in all three disciplines at this fun event.  They were supported by Mr Walmsley, Mr Lander and several parents.  A special thanks must go to Miss Travelyn who gave up a lot of her time so she could take children to Pennington Flash to practise their open water swimming skills.  She also volunteered to transport children and a parent who, otherwise would not have been able to compete.


We plan to enter the 2019 Kids Fun triathlon in June.



Triathlon 2017


We decided to enter some children, who we felt would rise to the challenge and considered to be gifted and talented, to take part in a Triathlon. This event took place on Saturday 10th June 2017 and was held at Dearnford Lake, Whitchurch, Shropshire. The Triathlon event was split up into three events; swimming, cycling and running. Due to it being our first attempt at a triathlon, on the day each children completed one leg of the triathlon.  The children trained really hard on Tuesday afternoons on the swimming side of the event down at the local swimming baths in Darwen. They practised running during lunchtime on Fridays and cycling after school.  They were all very excited and simply couldn't wait. A lot of hard work from the children happened in order to give them the best experience. At the end of the day, it was all about the children having fun but I felt it was all worth while because they thrived at the event and it was something they will look back on and think how well they did. The event helped to improve their physical fitness, mental agility, behaviour and coordination. What a fantastic event it was.



Gymnastics in our school is a very popular sport. In the Spring term we have an amazing coach come into school to assess year 3 children to see who she believes is going to progress will to be a good gymnast. They are given a range of techniques and moves to do. If successful, these children will then take part in the gifted and talented gymnastics club after school club every Monday evening.