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Friday 15th January 2021

Well done everybody on making it through to Friday. I am so proud of all of your efforts with your home learning this week. We are all adapting to a different way of working (us staff included) and I am amazed at your determination and resilience. You have kept me smiling all week. I'll be announcing a Star of the Week later on today, and certificates will be found under the Star of the Week tab on the main class page.

Your learning for today is on Purple Mash, and here is a quick overview:


Reading: You have been set the next chapter in the book you are reading as well as some activities based on this.


Spelling and Grammar: Tasks have been uploaded on to Purple Mash for you to access.


Maths: We are continuing our work on fractions, decimals and percentages and a video lesson has been uploaded for you to watch and join in with, as well as some reasoning and problem solving activities. You have also been set a Maths game to have a go at, and you can also access TT Rockstars- you might find a battle to compete in next week, so do go and check it out!


Writing: Our writing lesson today focuses on the character you have been creating this week. You will be writing a new chapter of The Wizard of Oz, in which Dorothy meets your character. Please watch the video lesson before you complete this task.


Topic:  I have set a lovely Mindfulness activity on Purple Mash today asking you to look at some various pictures and describe your feelings towards them. A lovely and calm way to end what has been a very busy week. 


As it is Friday, and you have worked so hard this week, I'd also like you to spend some time doing something which you love. This could be a physical activity, such as a game in the garden, or perhaps curling up with your favourite book. You might even prefer to complete an Art activity or play a board game! As always, please send me a message using 2email if you need any help or have a problem. 

Keep smiling, and stay safe! I'm missing you lots.. 

Miss Connelly



Thursday 14th January

Good morning everybody. I hope you are all keeping well. Here is an overview of your learning for today:


Reading: A chapter of the book you are working on has been set for you on Purple Mash, alongside some comprehension questions.


Grammar and Spelling: There are activities for both set on Purple Mash


Writing: There is a video lesson uploaded to Purple Mash- Today we will be writing a detailed character description based on the new character you created yesterday.


Maths: Today we will continue our work on percentages. I have set 2 videos and different tasks to complete based on how you did yesterday. We are covering the same lesson in more detail, so please don't worry if your tasks ask you to have another go at something you did yesterday.


Art: There are some activities under the Art tab above, kindly prepared by Miss McNeill. I have also set a task on Purple Mash if you would like to complete that.


Keep smiling everybody, and keep safe! I miss you all lots. Take care,

Miss Connelly



Wednesday 13th January

Good morning 6MS. I hope you are all keeping safe and well. All of your learning is on Purple Mash for today. If the lesson has a video, please watch it before you complete the tasks. Please email me through 2email on Purple Mash if you have any questions. Here is a quick overview of your activities for today:


Reading- You have been set a chapter of the book you are on, some quiz questions and an additional activity relating to the chapter


Spelling & Grammar- You have been set a challenge for both spelling and grammar


Maths- Your lesson today is a continuation of the work we did yesterday on Fractions, Percentages and Decimals. Please watch the video before you complete the task.


Writing- You will be designing a new character for The Wizard of Oz. Please watch the video lesson first.


Design & Technology- Today's task continues from last week's work on healthy eating. You have a design brief to complete, where you will be researching to justify your choices.


In addition, I have set a couple of Maths games for you to play as/when you choose and these will continue throughout the rest of our home learning.

Have a great day everyone, I'm missing you all lots!

Miss Connelly laugh

Tuesday 12th January

Wow, 6MS! I am so impressed with how many of you are completing tasks on Purple Mash. I was astounded at the quality of your work yesterday. Hopefully today even more of you will join in the recorded lessons. Here is an overview of your work for today:



You have been set a chapter to read along with some comprehension questions to answer on Purple Mash.



Today you will be writing a character description for one of the characters from The Wizard of Oz. There is a video lesson to watch and then an activity to complete.



We are continuing our work on percentages- today we will look at converting fractions to percentages. Again, there is a video lesson to watch and a worksheet to complete. 


Grammar & Spelling

There are some activities on Purple Mash for you to complete for Spelling, as well as some work on Modal Verbs for Grammar



In PSHE this week, our focus is Online Safety. There are a few activities on Purple Mash for you to work through and complete in order to keep yourselves safe online. 



Miss Dent has been very busy preparing some Nurture and Wellbeing things for you. You can find these activities under the Nurture and Wellbeing tab on the main class page. I have also set you some mindfulness colouring sheets as a 2do on Purple Mash for you to complete in your spare time if you wish. 


We are all missing you very much, and hope you are staying safe,

Miss Connelly, Miss Avery & Miss Dent laugh

Monday 11th January

Good morning everybody. I hope you are well-rested and ready to learn after the weekend. I have uploaded all of your learning to Purple Mash for today. Here is the timetable:


Reading- I have set you all a reading task and a quiz to complete once you have finished.


Maths- I have uploaded a video lesson and an activity to complete. This week we will be looking at percentages. 


Writing- I have uploaded a recorded lesson and an activity to complete. We are continuing our work on The Wizard of Oz.


Spelling- There is a spelling challenge on Purple Mash for you to complete.


Science- We are beginning our new topic, Animals including Humans. Today we are looking at the circulatory system and how it works.


Please send me a message if you need help or any log in information.


Take care, and stay safe,


Miss Connelly laugh

Friday 7th January


Hello again everybody. What a great day of home learning yesterday! Some more children joined in the activities and I have been blown away with how hard you have been working. I have set today's tasks on Purple Mash ready for you to complete. If you have any problems please send me a message on there, or ask a parent to send me an email on the contact form on our main class page. 

Keep up the hard work everybody!

Miss Connelly 


Thursday 6th January

Hello everybody, and well done to all those children who completed work yesterday. You are all superstars.

I'd love to see even more of you completing tasks today. 

Please use the timetable above, and make sure you have breaks in between lessons- some of you were very eager yesterday and completed lots of tasks in the morning. Breaks help our brains to re-focus and it makes us all better learners!


All your work for today has been set on Purple Mash, but please send me a message if you are struggling. You can either message on Purple Mash or using the box on our main class page and I will reply as fast as I am able to. 

Keep up the hard work everybody, and stay safe!


Miss Connelly