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6BP Leavers' Message Board

(If you would like a message posting on our page please email me on purple mash 2mail from Mrs Parkinson)


To all my wonderful children from 6BP - where do I begin? I have absolutely loved teaching each and every one of you and I'm so sorry that we didn't get to end the year together as our 6BP 'family'. I will always remember you and hope that we will see each other again very soon.

I wish you all the very best of luck at high school and know that you will make the most of your time there. Just remember, if you work hard with determination and perseverance, you can achieve anything, no matter how hard it may seem. Remember your dreams for the future and work hard to achieve them. Please do drop in and see us - when we're allowed to of course - and don't forget everything you learnt during your time with us. Love and hugs to you all, Ms Blackledge heart


Hello to everyone from Class 6BP. What a lovely group of children you are!  I have lovely memories of teaching you in year six and wish you every success and happiness.  - Love Mrs Parkinson


Hello 6BP,
How quickly time flies! It doesn’t seem two minutes since we were making plans for the tiny Year 2 children (You!), to join our school from the infants. That was four years ago!! Can you remember how you felt when you made that big move to junior school?
Well you are ready now for the next big step in your education – secondary school! And I bet some of those feelings are flying around again: excitement, nervous, happy, curious, shy, worried ……….. I feel that too for everyone of you!
Remember our school motto: “High Aspirations, Bright Futures”.
That means always aim to achieve the very best. Reach for the stars. Who knows what wonderful future lies ahead for each and everyone of you!

Thank you for being a truly wonderful group of children. We will miss you greatly at Meadowhead and really don’t want to say goodbye.

I send you lots of love and wish you every happiness for your future.

Mrs Chadwick x



To all of Year 6, 

Enjoy your time at Secondary School! Be the best that you can be and make fabulous memories!

Miss Dent




Learning lasts a life time and your journeys just begun

Have big dreams and aspirations

Take a little piece of Meadowhead with you and remember us fondly

Be Safe, Be Fair, Be Kind


Mrs Grogan  xxsmiley


It's been rough during these time but this is my goodbye before we leave for high school. Have a good time at high school and goodbye. Dear Michael.S you will always be my best friend and if we dont go to the same school I will always remember you and you will always be my best friend no matter what I will miss you goodbye. from McKenzie



To my class,

I'm going to miss you all and will cherish our memories together! Have your great adventures and enjoy your time. I hope to see you soon. We've been together for a LONG time now. No-one can break that.

From Brooke   


To Lucy,

You are the greatest best friend I could ever ask for. I will have your back through everything no matter what. I'm going to miss you over summer but can't wait to make more memories in High School together! Love you so much!!!!!! xx Brooke


 Good luck to everyone at their new school, Daniel.


To my class ,

I'll always remember you all and all the fantastic memories we've had together.

Wishing you all the best in High School.

From Khadija xxx

P.S: I'm going to miss everyone.



To 6BP

I hope you all have had a great experience in primary school, I am certainly going to miss you all. I remember teaching you all when you were in year 4. What a great class you were. My first year 4 class in fact. Lots of fond and happy memories from winning the attendance, going to Youth Zone, to going on various trips and having lots of fun. You will certainly be a class to remember. 

Make sure you enjoy high school and work hard. It is your chance to show everyone that Meadowhead Junior School was the place to be. Make lots of new friends and be kind. Good luck in the future and grab every opportunity with both hands. 



Mr Crowther



Hi Year 6

Can't believe how quickly time has flown.  I'll miss teaching you French and PSHE and have so many lovely memories of the time we spent in France.


I hope you embrace your time at secondary school and try as many new activities and experiences as you can.  Push yourself.  Reach for the stars.  You are all so talented and special in your own unique ways.  Make the world a better place.


Mrs Parker


To my class,

I am starting to tear up writing this because of how much I am going to miss you all. Even though we may not be together, I am sure we are all in each other's hearts and I am sure my amazing class mates won't forget about each other but I definitely know I will never forget any of you I will treasure you all forever. Good luck at your new high schools xxx. Grace



To Izzy, 

I hope you know I will never forget you and will always treasure you. You with always be my best friend. I can't wait to see you again soon because the real Izzy is much better than Facetime Izzy. I can't imagine my life without you. If there was an award for the most kind, funny and most loving person, I know it would go to you. Good luck at your new school. Best friends forever. Grace xxx


To Brooke

Hey Brookie Cookie, you are another one of my friends that I will treasure the most, you are very special to me. I hope to see you again soon. Good luck at your new school. Grace xxx.


Dear Mrs Parkinson and 6BP,

I'm sat here thinking about what to write.
Should I write about when in year 5 we played against 5CP (6MS.)
Logan kept catching most of the ball then he danced on us.
Mr Lander was a hitting and catching machine and Mr Hindle was.....uhhhh and me and Levi were somewhere.
Hope Your doing well.                                      
Yours Truly,
                    Jeff, AKA Kobi 


Good luck to you all and have a good time from Leon



Hi year 6,

I'm sat hear in my bubble thinking what to write. Erm... I will miss you all. I dunno what to write. 

I miss Mr Lander he might look on the school website and see this I hope you all have a good time in high school.



Dear all of 6BP  

I will miss you all. I hope you all have fun at your new high school. I will try to keep in touch with you  on Whatsapp especially Brooke and Alfie. I am sure Brooke and Alfie will send me good things to keep me happy. I will all ways love you more Brooke and Alfie.



To Charlie Kirby,

I will always remember the time when we just hung out on the playground with Toothless and McKenzie and I think it might be have also been Daniel and Liam. From Alfie K


Hi everyone, 

I will miss you all and I wish we could all be together again but we can't and that puts a tear in my eye. 

From Alfie K


To Toothless or Michael 

I will miss you so much. I'm sure that everyone will miss you too especially Daniel, I think McKenzie does too. 

From Alfie K


To Brooke 

I will all ways remember you and you will always be in my heart. I will always play with you in high school, if i can. I love you so much!!!!xxx 

PS. I will try to play with you on the Xbox if I can. 

                                                                      love from Lucy 



To 6BP


You all  will be in my heart I will always remember you all I hope you all will remember you and text me good thing happy things about your school . If you are going to a different school then me I hope you all will make good friends be nice to your new friends and be happy at your new high school. 

                                                                        love from  Lucy



Good luck to everyone in year six. Whilst this year may not have ended as we all would have liked, I am certain that each and everyone of you will go on to make a tremendous success of your time in high school. Whatever happens, I am sure that if you continue to put in your best efforts and apply yourselves to all you do, an amazing future awaits you all!


Best wishes!


Mr. France



To 6MS and 6BP (Class of 2020),

I can't believe how quickly this time has gone. It really has been a pleasure to have been with you throughout your time at MJS. Thank you for all the memories we have shared in class, on the playground and on the many trips we have been on together. I am going to miss you all lots and it isn't easy saying goodbye, but I know that you are all ready for the next chapter of your lives in high school.

'Always remember that everything is possible, even the impossible.'

Good luck and enjoy making new memories.

Miss Avery😊xxx


Dear 6BP leavers,

I cannot believe you are leaving already,😭 it doesn't seem like that long ago since I was teaching you (and falling over you!😲) in Year 3! I want to wish you all the very best as you move up to High School. It has been an unusual year to say the least, but do not let what has happened spoil your future. Work hard, aim high and don't forget to keep smiling, even when the going gets tough... don't forget that's when the tough get going! ðŸ‘ Remember.. you can be whatever you want to be. 

Take care.

Miss Hamilton  ðŸ˜Š