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Lockdown PE


Hi All,


During Lockdown, it is crucial that you are still being as active as possible. Whether that be inside or outside. During your remote learning school day you should use your breaks wisely by keeping active and exercising. Now exercising doesn't just mean going for a run it can be any type of movement for even a short period of time. Exercising makes you feel better about yourself and that is what we all want for you in this lockdown. 


We have put PE on Thursday afternoon in our class time table but you don't just have to do PE then. You can do it at other times too!


Below, are links to websites and activities that you can click on which can be done by yourself, with your brothers or sisters or even with your mum, dad or your carers. - All types of Joe Wicks workouts - Joe Wicks for Kids 5 Minute workouts - Spinning Wheel - Create your own fitness circuit - Various fitness activities to suit all - exercising while spelling your name - Lots of activities to give you some challenges - 2 weeks physical activity diary with lots of fun games to take part in.


A Message form our PE Subject Coordinator Mr Crowther.


Hi Children,


I really hope you are all staying safe and looking after yourself and your families. It is a great shame that learning has moved, for the majority of us, online. I would much rather be in the classroom teaching. However, this is the reality that we live in at the moment and therefore all our lessons have moved to remote learning.

I have managed to put together a P.E timetable for you to do at home or in the classroom with lots of fun activities and exercises to keep you active. You won't be left disappointed. I have put 4 activities on for each day of the school week. Try and do as many as you can throughout the day. Some are shorter than others. 

If you can, and what would be nice, would be for you to either take a picture or record a short video clip of yourself or your family taking part in the activities and send them to my email on 2 email or via my school email which is 

You never know you might get your pictures of the school website for us all to see. I want you to be having as much fun as possible with these P.E lessons and keeping active is crucial. 

Below is an example of the timetable for P.E you will find the document to click on below the timetable which will open up as a PDF document. All you will have to do then is click on the link you choose and watch or listen to the video clip. 



PE Home Learning Time Table with tasks.