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Earth, space and all that jazz

A long time ago, in the second century,
There was a Greek astronomer called Claudius Ptolemy.
Who came up with a theory called the geocentric model,
Which made the Earth the focal point and centre of it all.

Centuries went past before some began to doubt.
‘We simply disagree!’ some of the scientists would shout!
It was Galileo and Copernicus who,
With the help of the new telescope began to suss

That it was in fact that giant star we call the Sun
That is slap bang in the middle of our solar system!

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
Are the rocky planets orbiting our nearest star.
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune makes eight.
The final four are full of gas and for their size they’re lightweight.

As telescopes improved in strength and accuracy,
Discoveries were made within our own galaxy.
Like how the Earth keeps spinning whilst it’s orbiting the Sun,
On an axis that is tilted, which can only mean more fun.

When tilted to the Sun that hemisphere is getting hot,
But when it tilts away that temp’rature is gonna drop!
The seasons come and the seasons go,
But there is no way you can change them, so just go with the flow!

When it’s Summer in the Northern hemisphere,
It is Winter in the South at that time of the year.


The Sun, Earth and Moon are known as 'spherical'
Which means they’re slightly squashed and not a perfect ball.
The spin of the Earth gives us day and then night,
And the phases of the Moon just reflect the sunlight.


Friday 15th January 2021
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