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School Allotment

Our allotment during school closure

The seedlings have been re-potted 1/6
Seeds have sprouted 19/5
More seeds have sprouted 19/5
Planting brassica (cabbage,cauliflower) seeds 13/5
Planting bean seeds 13/5
Fitting hoops for net protection 13/5
‘Earthing up’ the potatoes 11/5
Potatoes ‘Earthed up’ 11/5
Weeding to prepare a bed 11/5
Planting Stuttgarter onions 25/3
Raking soil over Red Baron onions 25/3
Measuring the rows between onions 25/3
Getting ready to plant our potatoes 26/3
Planting our King Edward main crop potatoes 26/3
2 rows of 6 potatoes 26/3
Planting our Second Early potatoes 26/3
1 row of each of Rocket, Kestrel and a Regional
We have now brought the allotment area back to school.  The new vegetable beds have been built and we are busy preparing for growing.  The shed had been erected and posts put in place to enable us to grow raspberries.  Take a look below at just how busy we've been.

Early March

We have started chitting our potatoes
We have started chitting our potatoes
We have started chitting our potatoes

February 2020

Getting ready for the raspberry canes
Appling manure to some of the beds
Identifying weeds!!
More weed identification
Applying manure
Applying manure
Planting garlic
Planting winter onions
More onions
Digging trenches for the raspberry canes
Even more onions
Shovelling gravel to help with walking
More garlic
More shovelling
Eyelets ready for the wires for the raspberries
A warm drink after some hard work

3M - February 2020