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Meadowhead Juniors Ethos & Values Statement

High Aspirations; Bright Futures

Our vision of all children achieving highly, regardless of their background is embodied in our school motto, ‘High Aspirations; Bright Futures’ and is integral to our ambition for our pupils going forward in life. We believe that good behaviour and excellent attendance are key to achieving this vision - every child is capable of good behaviour and attendance and we aspire for all children to achieve these.

Raising children’s self-esteem is key to supporting good behaviour and high achievements and at Meadowhead Junior School, we use positive language, specific praise and a variety of reward systems to do so. We also ensure children are challenged, allowing them to overcome obstacles and see themselves being successful.

The intent of Meadowhead Junior School is for every member of the school community to feel valued and respected by promoting an environment where safeguarding permeates every aspect of school life and all feel happy and secure – every child has the right to feel safe, valued and respected and learn free from the disruption of others.


We are a caring community, whose values are built on mutual trust and respect. We firmly believe that every member of our school community has a responsibility to teach pupils socially appropriate behaviour and to embody our school values every day. At Meadowhead, we have a clear set of values by which we live:

· Choice and fairness

· Honesty and trust

· Ambition and determination

· Respect and responsibility

· Kindness and understanding

· Friendship and teamwork

These values are embedded in our curriculum, in our daily interactions and are taught discretely through weekly assemblies. Our behaviour curriculum, The Meadowhead Way’ is based on these values, ensuring they become firmly rooted in our whole school ethos and culture.

British Values

We believe that promoting British Values is key to preparing our children for life in modern Britain. The spiritual, social, moral and cultural development of pupils is taught and promoted through our academic curriculum, our behaviour curriculum (‘The Meadowhead Way’), themed weeks and specific events. At Meadowhead Junior School, we also actively promote British Values through a weekly assembly which is devoted to this area of children’s development.